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This photo is of Manorway Junior School and we don't know which year it was taken. Can you help us with this? Any names, dates would be really helpful.

This page was added by John Matthews on 28/02/2013.
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I would say 1956/1957

By andy reynolds
On 13/03/2013

These look like my classmates, but I don't know why I am not in the picture. I did have a lot of sick days because I hated school. Funny how I became a college professor in Canada! Names escape me, but I think the fourth from the left in the back row is Robert Shovlar, and the fifth is Sally Ryder. I would think it would be more like 1959/60. There are some more photographs in the Manorway section on Friends Reunited, one of which includes me!

By Nigel Johnson
On 04/08/2013
By John Matthews
On 04/08/2013

My eyesight is not as good as it used to be. Is it possible to have a larger photograph? Thanks

By Cliff Cowin
On 05/08/2013

Sorry about that. You can now click on the photo to get to a larger version.

By John Matthews
On 05/08/2013

Thanks John. I can see it now. I would say the picture is around 1956. I am in the picture and I was born in 1946. The pupils would have been about 10 years old just before going to St. Chads.

By Cliff Cowin
On 06/08/2013

Okay lets name a few of them back row left to right ? ? ? Linda Humphrys ? Sandra Lambert ? ? Charlie Eldridge, Ronnie Atkinson. Third row left to right. Keeble twin, Terry Downman,Billy Mansfield, Monty Hale, ? ? John Shovlar, Barry Brooks, Cliff Cowin, Paul Carter. Second row left to right Lenny Bushell, John Hardcastle, David Grant, Roy Bridgehouse, Terry Sutcliffe ? ? ? ? ? ? Front row left to right, ? ? Valerie Langham, Norma Bass, Peggy Hitchcock, Sandra Wakeling, ?

By andy reynolds
On 08/08/2013

I started Manorway in 1956, but would have still been in the Infants at that time. I don't know any of the children in the picture, but all the surnames are very familiar, I would have known their younger brothers and sisters. My maiden name was Bloss.

By Odette Stevens
On 27/08/2013

That's my sister, Sandra in the front row, second in from the right. She has been Sandra Constable since 1964. I was at Manorway Primary from 1953-1959.

By Terry Wakeling
On 22/09/2013

Top row 4th from right my sister Sandra Gibbons, 2nd from right Charlie Eldridge, on end Ronnie Atkinson.

3rd Row. 3rd from left Dave Grant next to Roy Bridgehouse.

Bottom row centre Norma Bass next to Peggy Hitchcock and Sandra Wakeling.  Hope that this helps.

By Jannette Ryder
On 28/11/2013

Having showed this photo to my Mum (Phyllis Kelly) she has picked out some faces:

Shirley Rogers, Maureen McGinn, Joan Stubbs, Charlie Eldridge, Ronnie Atkinson, Keeble Twins, Clifford Cowin, David Grant, Roy Bridgehouse, Annie Shepherd, Valerie Langham, Norma Bass, Peggy Hitchcock, Sandra Wakeling & Jean McCann

By Alison Nicholls
On 31/01/2014

Alison Nicholls, did your mum used to live in Burns Place when she was young, as I think I may know her? My single name was Hollands and we lived at no 27. 

By Kathryn opie
On 07/05/2014

back row 7  Sandra Gibbons, 9 Charlie Eldridge,

Third row 7  Carol Parfrey, 10 Ann Shepherd

Fourth row 6 Sandra Wakeling

By Carol Tuck
On 10/09/2014

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