The Tilbury Ferry

Photo:The Tilbury Ferry in 1991

The Tilbury Ferry in 1991

Randal Bingley

The location of the ferry landing stage

Crossing the river at Tilbury

By John Matthews

There has been a ferry from Tilbury to Gravesend for hundreds of years. The Essex terminal was originally within Tilbury Fort, but was moved by the fort's governor closer to World's End pub. Tilbury's first railway station was built to connect with the ferry and take passengers between Gravesend and London.

Before the opening of the Dartford Tunnel, the ferry carried motor vehicles, but shortly after the opening of the tunnel it became passenger only. Jenny Knight remembers using the ferry in 1956.

The Tilbury Ferry has survived several threats of closure and still carries shoppers and commuters between the north and south banks of the Thames. 

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