Bill Lane

Elaine Holmes (Templeman)

Photo:Bill Lane, Jennifer West, May Ashdown

Bill Lane, Jennifer West, May Ashdown

This is my father Bill Lane with Jennifer West and May Ashdown. I don't know the gentleman standing behind May Ashdown. It was taken in Tilbury Power Station

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Wow look at me there 51 years ago, and look at uncle Bill such a lovely gentle man.

By Mary Lowe (Ashdown)
On 22/12/2012

The guy in the van looks like Tom Lane who married Rita Newton from Tennyson Avenue

By John Lewis
On 18/06/2013

that is Bill Templeman my dad who had a dairy in Sydney Road and moved to Canberra square

By Elaine Holmes
On 19/06/2013

My father was a buddy of Bill Templeman.  My brother worked for him on Saturdays collecting the milk money all over Tilbury, then my other brother worked for him delivering milk for a short time until he broke his ankle.  When Michael, the elder one left school and went on to college in London, I took over the collection round on Saturdays and Sundays from the age of 13 to 16, when I went to work just on Saturdays for Go Gay Hairdressers.  My Mum wanted me just to work on Saturdays as I was supposed to be studying for my G.C.E's!  Bill paid me 13/- a week and then I earned 7/6d from Go Gay.  I remember your Mum, Mary and I also went to you wedding to Robbie.  It was a grand affair for me at the Catholic Church and then at the Railway Club I think.  One strong memory I have of many is when someone was stealing milk from our doorstep.  My father I think knew who it was but of course, in those days Bill delivered the milk so early so he always missed the thief.  Bill and he devised a method to stop them by carefully taking the silver top off a bottle and filling it with Epsom Salts and other nasty white substances.  We never had another bottle stolen.  Bill also ran a car hire service didn't he and supplied the cars for my brother's wedding at West Tilbury and also came to collect me from Heathrow when I returned from Canada after two years away.  We lived at the Diamond Jubilee Off Licence from the age of 5 until the 70's and still consider myself a Tilburyite.  It was a wonderful, vibrant, exciting place to me.

By Margaret Crockett/Kempton
On 09/06/2017

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