Civic Square under water

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Civic Square under water' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Civic Square under water' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Civic Square under water' page

By John Smith

Civic square from left to right under the deluge of water from the river Thames in January 1953.

Can anybody remember the name of the Tilbury barber outside his shop, after the floods?

This page was added by John Matthews on 26/01/2013.
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If this is the barber in Civic Square the one I remember is Jimmy Tindale.

By Rob Ginns
On 27/01/2013

Jimmy Tindale's barber shop was in civic square. the barber's shop in the photo i think was in christchurch road or if not down the dock somewhere. Was not in the square

By Elaine Holmes
On 20/02/2013

hello Elaine Holmes. The barber in civic square is actually Jimmy Tindale shop no 11 to be precise and it stands in civic square today,under a new name. i did a research on it recently and found out it was civic square.

By John Smith
On 21/02/2013

Hi John. i was not talking about Jimmy Tindales shop in civic square.It's the photo on this page it looks like a barber's shop i thought was down christchurch road or down the dock.but i could be wrong . could you help Thank you

By Elaine Holmes
On 22/02/2013

Hello Elaine. Thank you for your comment (second one of course), no its not Christchurch or Dock Road. It was taken from a newspaper cutting at the time of the floods and transformed into a sketchy drawing as I understand it. So there you go.

By John Smith
On 23/02/2013

Thank's John

By Elaine Holmes
On 26/02/2013

I think Tindales was in St Chads Road in 1953!

By Ted
On 27/02/2013

Jim Tindales was in Civic Square during the floods, we have some photos showing the aftermath, and he was there until he retired, my husband John is Jims nephew and worked in the shop from leaving school until about 1971.

By kathryn Opie
On 29/06/2013

No doubt it is Jim Tindale in the painting the real give away is in the picture  bottom left on door  National Insurance Office   and that was next to Jim's shop. The Food Office is a large black nissen hut building opposite in Fire Station yard.

By william(billy)gill
On 03/02/2014

Hi, yes its my dad Jim, the painting is odd as we actually have the photograph of that, I believe was published in the Gazzette or another local paper at the time, so someone either copied the photo or its a cumputer generated image. Hi Bill I remember you well from Thurrock cycle speedway. Happy days. 

By Jamie Tindale
On 07/02/2014

The premises next to the barbers in the sketch is The Department of Health and Social Security or DHSS as I believe it was then Stan Browns was the barbers in St Chads Road 

By Terry Clark
On 16/03/2014

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