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Around Chadwell

Begin at the library which was opened in 1954. Walk up Brentwood Road past the site of Chadwell’s church school which closed in 1914. Continuing up Brentwood Road you will pass an Edwardian terrace. Opposite Rigby Gardens is the site of the village pond (now gone). Rigby Gardens itself was once the site of the Rectory. Continuing up Brentwood Road, you pass the cemetery on your way to Heath Road. Turn down Heath Road and you are walking on an ancient trackway from East Tilbury. At the pavilion you can look across the main road to Tyrrell’s Wood. Turning south onto the footpath you reach Templer Avenue, part of the 1930s council estate. Walking down Ruskin Road, at Riverview you pass the clinic, built as part of the 1930s estate. Opposite is a parade of 1950s shops. Turn left along Riverview and walk towards the church. The parade of shops on the north side is from the 1930s. Looking down Thames Drive, there is a panoramic view of Tilbury, which was flooded by the tidal surge in 1953. Chadwell Primary School was built in 1914 to replace the earlier church school. Continue to the crossroads where you can see the 11th century church, 15th century Sleepers Farm, 17th century Chadwell House and the 19th century Cross Keys which replaced an earlier pub on the same site.

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  • It would seem that they have marked Chadwell clinic in the wrong place.

    It is on the right as you start up Ruskin Road. I used to be taken there as a tot.

    By rod downes (29/03/2014)

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