Festival of Britain

St Chads River Trip by ferry to the South Bank 1951

Does anyone remember the school trip to the Festival of Britain in the Summer of 1951? We travelled by ferry from Tilbury Landing stage to the South Bank in London. The trip was financed as I recall by collecting waste paper, which was stored in the air raid shelters at the school. I can recall being one of the group that helped with the storage. Presumably the proceeds of its sale (probably to TBM) contributed to the cost. Can anyone remember which ferry we travelled on? I remember the Skylon, the Mint, the Royal Festival Hall, and the Dome of Discovery. Are there any pictures of the trip still in existence.

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  • Getting worried that I am the sole survivor from this trip, or even worse it did not actually happen and that it is all in my imagination! I am taking all my medication regularly.

    By Jim Chapple (12/07/2015)

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