Southey Walk Coronation Street Party

This is a picture of the Southey Walk Coronation Party held, I believe, at the Railway Club.
There is also a street diagram with house numbers and names of the families who lived in the street at that time. Please add any names that I have not been able to recall.

Thanks to John Baldry, I have now inserted an updated street diagram.

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  • I remember the Stanley family, I was a friend of David’s (the middle son) when we were both at Manorway school and remember visiting their Southey Walk home on several occasions. I also remember the rabbits and have a hazy recollection that they were Belgian or Flemish giant blues or something similar.

    I remember Keith the eldest son and Veronica and the youngest son who we nicknamed Scud. It would be great to hear from David if he’s still around.


    By Percy Dalton (12/10/2015)
  • I worked in Tilbury and stayed with the Bloss family at number 28 They were wonderful people. Peter was my mate and took me to his home and I made many friends in Tilbury and surrounding area over the years and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

    By Gus MacDonald (10/10/2015)
  • Thanks for naming somemore of the faces Jill, and for confirming that I had picked-out correctly the two ‘little girls’ from next door!!

    By John Baldry (03/05/2014)
  • I can put a few more names to faces.  First one on the left front row is John Ralph, next to him the lady in the white blouse is Mrs. Ralph, next to her holding the baby is Grace Veitch ,  in front of her I think is Rosemary Hutchinson.  The main ones are Barry Banks and Carol Riches.   I’m not sure if it is Peter Bloss next to Carol.  To the right of the picture I can see Mrs. Riches holding Clive.  I am in front of my sister and I believe it is Mickey Eaton next to me.

    The celebrations also continued with games and races held in Southey Walk – we had great fun – parents also took part and everyone received a prize.  I still have the coronation souvenirs the family won. 

    By Jill Heggie (nee Briggs) (30/04/2014)
  • Hi Barry,

    Yes, there are some good memories from then. I wish I had some photos to put on here, but, I haven’t got any but It’s been a pleasure looking at yours.

    By Keith Stanley (30/04/2014)
  • Keith,

    Lovely surprise to hear from you.

    I have many, many memories of my childhood days in Southey Walk. As I recall we used look forward to Christmas when we dined on Chicken (Christmas Day) and Rabbit (Boxing Day) as supplied by your Dad. Great days !

    By Barry Banks (28/04/2014)
  • Hi Barry, this photo brings back lots of memories. I see my sister Veronica, Peter, and Raymond Hutchinson, and lots of other faces that I cannot put names to.

    By Keith Stanley (27/04/2014)
  • This is a great photo, with so many happy faces, surely a reader or two can add some names!!! For example I think I see:- Mrs. Hudson; Mavis & Jill Briggs; Sally Beeho. (see the Street Diagram for where they lived back then).

    By John Baldry (03/02/2014)
  • Thanks for that John. I will update the diagram.

    By Barry Banks (31/01/2014)
  • Suggested name changes on the Nos. diagram: 9 is Ryan: 11 is Baldry; 13 is Briggs; 15 is Brown.


    By John Baldry (30/01/2014)

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