West Tilbury as viewed from the church

Help needed to identify buildings

Can anybody tell me if if they have any information such as dates, names of the buildings, occupants etc from these pictures of West Tilbury viewed from the church.

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  • I to lived in west tilbury in the late forties early 50’s my father was the village policeman we lived in Cole’s cottages next to the school house and opportunity the shops that was Timberlakes at the time I used to pump the organ at st James church the vicar at the time Rev Murray he had a daughter Elizabeth and a son David if anything went wrong in the village David and I always got the blame whether we did it or not we probably did do it if the truth be known there are lots of happy memories that I have got from living in West Tilbury

    By Terry Denham (01/04/2024)
  • Just had another peek at Tilbury & Chadwell memories and have just noticed Barry Banks comment of him now living in Seaview on the Isle Of Wight. I really did not expect to find another ‘Tilb’ living here. I only recently travelled back home to Tilbury to visit my mum and other family members. Unfortunately Tilbury is no longer as I remember.

    By Tracy Coleman (31/01/2024)
  • Can anyone tell me of any history of cranes house please bottom of gunn Hill

    By Tina (27/01/2023)
  • My grandparents lived in the village at No1 Coles Cottages opposite the shop. I remember visiting in the 1950’s and climbing on the rusting traction engines in the farmyard. As far as I can remember the pond outside of Well House had Bullrushes growing in it unless my memory has confused it with the fact that Miss Bull lived there. The wall that runs alongside the farm still had a square iron staple hammered into it where my father and his “gang” used it to get over the wall as children. Just past the church going down the hill there was a small gun emplacement in the hedgerow with a stainless steel pivot set in the concrete.

    By Stephen Bishop (21/08/2019)
  • Re Tracy Coleman’s comment: I, too, spent my early youth playing cricket for West Tilbury (1961/1965). I was also born in Tilbury and guess what ? I live in Seaview on the Isle Of Wight.

    By Barry Banks (23/01/2019)
  • I was born in Tilbury but spent a lot of time in West Tilbury as a child. I love St James church it alway held a fascination for me. I now live on The Isle Of Wight but still remember happy days in West Tilbury.

    By Tracy Coleman (10/12/2018)
  • My dad, Ivor (Digger) Robinson, used to live in The Bakery – opposite the King’s Head. Anyone remember him or his family?

    By John Robinson (14/09/2018)
  • I’ve just discovered this website and read this page with interest as Miss Bertha Bull was my great-aunt.  She died at Well House in 1974 at the age of 90, having lived in the house for most of her life.  My grandfather Edwin Massey Bull also lived there in his early years.  I visited my Auntie Bertha in Well House in 1964 when I was a child and wrote an account of it as I was fascinated by it (it was like going back in time).  I still have this account and will type it up if anyone is interested (Peter, you may like to see this).  I also have photographs, letters etc as collected by my great aunt (WW1 etc) – not all in good condition but I certainly find them interesting.  I am currently researching my family history in South Essex.

    By Pauline Pettitt (09/03/2015)
  • The top picture is of Well House and I am the current owner. The grade 2 listed house is listed as late 19th century but recent investigation by English Heritage suggests that the earliest part of the house dates back to the late 15th century. As well as its use as a farmhouse up to the 60’s it was at one time used as a rectory by the Rev. David Evans in around 1750’s. I have spent the last three and a half years restoring the property exposing much of the original timber framing. The second picture is taken from Well House looking towards St. James church which is now a private residence. The third picture is taken from the tower of St. James’ looking towards Well House and West Tilbury village. 

    By Peter Adams (04/04/2014)
  • The top picture is of Well House,West Tilbury and a Miss Bull used to live there, she is interred in St James church, West Tilbury with her parents.

    By Ivor Foster (25/02/2013)
  • I feel pretty confident the house in the first picture is Well House and a Miss Ball used to live there up until her demise, which would have been in the sixties. I used to visit there with a friend of Miss Balls, as they worked together at Thames Board Mills.

    [Note: This comment (and a number of others including the one below) was not published at the time it was submitted. Our apologies to everyone for the mistake. John Matthews]

    By Ivor Foster (08/01/2013)
  • There use to be a farm next to or near the church and I can remember as a child (late forties) walking there at Christmas to pick a chicken for our dinner. The chicken would then be taken home and we would all have the job of plucking it. I can remember the duck pond which if my memory serves me right was opposite the pub.

    By maureen currer nee chapple (30/10/2012)

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