ENTERPRISE over Tilbury

Did anyone see the space shuttle ENTERPRISE on the back of the Boeing jumbo jet, fly over Tilbury on a cloudy Sunday evening ?  I was at Coal House Fort with hundreds of people hoping for a site, but no luck.

I heard on BBC ESSEX that she would be on show to the public on Monday , so early start and off to Stanstead. We were the first few to arrive and parked up against the barriers. I took the photos on Monday 5/6/83 and I remember as if it was yesterday. Did anyone else in Tilbury see her?

As it was a school day I sent my daughter to school in the afternoon with a note of why she was not there in the morning.  I dont think the head believed me, so I sent a copy of the photos to him. Part of Victoria’s education.

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  • I also went to Stanstead airport to see this rare sight travelling from Hampshire with the family as we had a great interest in NASA space travel at that time. I was born at Chadwell St Mary in 1949.

    By Martin Kay (28/07/2018)

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