Bill Lane

Bill Lane, Jennifer West, May Ashdown

This is my father Bill Lane with Jennifer West and May Ashdown. I don’t know the gentleman standing behind May Ashdown. It was taken in Tilbury Power Station

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  • I delivered milk for Bill Lane in the early 60s before setting off for School each morning. Most times is was on a grocer’ s delivery bike or by two hand crates then returning to top up at the dairy. Many mornings I would have open the dairy to allow the wholesaler to drop off the milk. Who can forget the terrible winter of 1963 when I was delivering milk by hand in knee deep snow before going to School. Never missed a delivery .

    By Fred Wood (19/09/2018)
  • Hi Margaret so funny I was just going back in time with my daughter ,just sitting talking as you do ,,and your family name came up talking about Michael you  Desmond and your mum and dad ,,,I have not  been into memories for some time then I saw this and it was nice to see ,,like to know how there doing ,and where are you living now ,, Rob had a stroke he is not  doing to bad now and my brother passed away about 6 years ago , still living at Canberra Square I am on face book but anything like my daughter she isn’t,, hope you see this ,,,Elaine xx



    By Elaine Holmes nee Templeman (02/10/2017)
  • My father was a buddy of Bill Templeman.  My brother worked for him on Saturdays collecting the milk money all over Tilbury, then my other brother worked for him delivering milk for a short time until he broke his ankle.  When Michael, the elder one left school and went on to college in London, I took over the collection round on Saturdays and Sundays from the age of 13 to 16, when I went to work just on Saturdays for Go Gay Hairdressers.  My Mum wanted me just to work on Saturdays as I was supposed to be studying for my G.C.E’s!  Bill paid me 13/- a week and then I earned 7/6d from Go Gay.  I remember your Mum, Mary and I also went to you wedding to Robbie.  It was a grand affair for me at the Catholic Church and then at the Railway Club I think.  One strong memory I have of many is when someone was stealing milk from our doorstep.  My father I think knew who it was but of course, in those days Bill delivered the milk so early so he always missed the thief.  Bill and he devised a method to stop them by carefully taking the silver top off a bottle and filling it with Epsom Salts and other nasty white substances.  We never had another bottle stolen.  Bill also ran a car hire service didn’t he and supplied the cars for my brother’s wedding at West Tilbury and also came to collect me from Heathrow when I returned from Canada after two years away.  We lived at the Diamond Jubilee Off Licence from the age of 5 until the 70’s and still consider myself a Tilburyite.  It was a wonderful, vibrant, exciting place to me.

    By Margaret Crockett/Kempton (07/06/2017)
  • that is Bill Templeman my dad who had a dairy in Sydney Road and moved to Canberra square

    By Elaine Holmes (18/06/2013)
  • The guy in the van looks like Tom Lane who married Rita Newton from Tennyson Avenue

    By John Lewis (17/06/2013)
  • Wow look at me there 51 years ago, and look at uncle Bill such a lovely gentle man.

    By Mary Lowe (Ashdown) (21/12/2012)

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