Presentation in Tilbury

This photo shows some sort of presentation in a hall in Tilbury. It looks like 1950’s in the snooker hall?
Was you in this photo? Know anyone in the photo? Please let us know.
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Where was this taken?

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  • Previously thought this was a darts presentation but feel that Joe Beadle and Bill Stevens did not play darts together but did both keep caged birds so thing it could be Tilbury Cage Bird Society which was a very popular club in Tilbury in the 1950,s

    By William (Billy) Gill (28/07/2014)
  • I think the man in the overcoat and scarf third from left is my brother-in-law Gordon Richards

    By Audrey` Richards (13/12/2013)
  • oopppsss sorry correction to above 4th from the left…. Also the chap standing behind the man with the pipe is Wally Wood

    By Audrey` Richards (13/12/2013)
  • Certainly Bill Stevens in front and think it must be for darts as I recognise the taller man at the back on right as Joe Beadle who lived all his life in Spencer walk and was a dart player. Bill lived over Poets Corner and was a local driving instructor with his Morris 1000 car

    By William (Billy) Gill (12/12/2013)
  • It look’s like the photo was taken at the Tute the man in the middle front row on the left look’s like Bill Stevens

    By Elaine Holmes (08/03/2013)

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