Do you remember old Mrs. Umphreyville’s?

The Umphreyville’s were shopkeepers, and old Mrs. Umpfreyville was no exception, from her front room in Calcutta Road she offered for sale a few haberdashery items, hair clips, and the like.   Then she added confectionery to her range, but omitted to register herself with the Food Office, for sweets were still at that time on ration.

The ever vigilant Food Office Inspector got wind of what she was doing, and planned a ‘sting’ on the old lady, posing as a genuine customer, he went in and bought some chocolate.

A summons was soon issued and she was up before the court in Grays.                  Poor Mrs. Umphreyville’s she was found guilty, and could face a fine, or term in prison, but the magistrates, probably shopkeepers themselves had compassion on her, and gave her a suspended sentence on condition she ceased trading from her front room.

For an Umphfreyville that could feel like a life sentence.

[For more about Unfreville’s shop, including photos, see – Golden memories of my father’s shop

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  • …but who remembers Gaffee’s shop on the corner of Calcutta Road and St Chads Road.next to the traffic lights……………they sold everything under the sun!!

    By Duncan Grant (18/10/2013)

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