LMS Refreshment rooms

Riverside Station

In 1953 my Grandmother came from Eire. On her Travel Identity Card it states LMS Refreshment rooms, Riverside Station, Tilbury, Essex as her address. I do know her husband owned a shop.

I am puzzled as to why this would have been the address for a 38 year old lady. I have tried to find information about the place via Google and failed.

Can you help?

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  • Hello, I have been looking through my grandma’s tin. I had been verbally told by my mum, many moons ago that the shop was owned by her Step-dad. Either she was mistaken or my memory is playing tricks, the documents say the shop was owned by my step great granddad in Eire. I found my Step Granddads travel permit card as well. It says he came to Tilbury to work as a porter in 1947 it looks like he came over before my Gran. Possibly marrying her when over here. I would be grateful if anyone can fill in the gaps. The surname of my Grandparents is Healy

    By Ursula Brown (23/11/2014)

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