3 Essex Home Guard

C (Tilbury) Company

I found this picture in the Grays Library archive.

Grays Library collection
3 Essex H.G C (Tilbury Company)
Grays Library collection

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  • Fifth from left is Paddy Bennett (2nd.Lt.), my father in law, whose bravery was mentioned in The London Gazette. He went on to become Chairman /CEO of Greenwoods Transport.

    By Brian Snowdon (17/11/2023)
  • Fourth from left is Alf Kimble.

    By John Kneeshaw (15/05/2017)
  • Yes, I knew four of these ‘Dads Army’ gentlemen, who did ‘sign-in’. Mr Judd and I recognise Messrs Davies, Fuller and Tredwell, who coincidentally are also shown in the posting ‘EEB Civic Square (Day Trip)’. 

    By John Baldry (05/02/2016)
  • Has anyone been able to match the names in the letter to the men in the photograph. I am certain the man at the end of the back row on the left is my grandfather, Harry Mason, as it is as I   remember him and matches any photographs I have of him. However, there is no corresponding signature. I know he was in the Tilbury Homeguard during the Second World War.

    By Terry Wakeling (04/02/2016)

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