5th Tilbury Scout Group around 1950/51

Group photo taken in Methodist Hall 50/51 ravaged by time.

Left to Right:

Back Row in hats  Gordon Bush, Ken Walley, Harry O Neil, ?, Mr Twyford

Next Row:-

Brian Ballenger, Stanley Staines, ? Clarke, Alan Bloss, Dennis Staines, Robin Still, John McGlennon, Peter George

Next Row down:

?Lewis, Bob Stannard, Peter Van De Pere,  Bob Adcock, Brian Chandler, Terry Driscoll, George Simpson,  ?

Front Row:

Chris Johnson, Terry Wright, John Lloyd, Jimmy Eldridge, Colin Dean, Ernie Kirby, Billy Gill.

Sad thing I remember most of their names but have not seen them for many years although I know some are no longer with us and if I met them probably wouldn’y recognise them

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  • Hi everyone. I am one of the members of this group in the front row middle. I am next to Jimmy Eldridge who lived next to me in Elgar Gardens. I live with my wife Kay (who was a petrol pump attendant at the Esso garage in St Chads Road) We have been married for almost 56 years, have two children, three grandchildren and live in Guildford, Surrey. We would love to receive information from anyone who knows Colin. Cheers for now. Kay and Colin.


    By Colin Deans (08/06/2017)
  • was Jimmy Eldridge known as Charlie

    By andy reynolds (24/11/2015)
  • Just like to say that I grew up with Jimmy Eldridge in Spencer walk, and later worked with him in the docks, always got on well with Jim used to catch up with him now and again even when he moved up to Grays to work, can’t remember the firm, he always had that hearty laugh always nice to see him, was a shock when I heard he had passed, great guy, good mate.

    By Brian Seales (14/11/2015)
  • Hello there 

    My name Paul Eldridge my father Jimmy Eldridge died in November 15th 2006 of cancer if you have any pictures of my father please let me know I would like to see them.

    By Paul Eldridge (04/01/2015)
  • Dennis & Moira moved to Congleton in Cheshire – not too far from Gordon & June Bush who live just outside Stafford. I have travelled a little further afield and live in Largs on the West coast of Scotland.   I still have my original Warrant as Senior Scoutmaster of 5th Tilbury in 1951!   I was ADC for Senior Scouts in Thurrock in the 1960’s when John McGlennon led the District Rover team.   For my sins I am still a Vice-President of Thurrock District Scout Council.

    By Harry O'Neill (11/11/2014)
  • Very sad to hear the news of Dennis Hagan passing on. Ironically, the last time I saw him (regrettably not to speak to) was at John’s funeral in Stanford le Hope a few years ago. As I recall Dennis went on to marry John’s sister, Moira, and they later moved away to (I think) somewhere up near The Wirral. I remember their wedding where a bunch of us “helped” with serving the drinks. I did my National Service (1960 – 62) in Cyprus and became active with the local Scouts, the 57th Cyprus (Episkopi), rising to the dizzy heights of Senior Scout Master. Soon after getting involved I was clearing out an old cabinet and was greeted by a picture of Janet Ayres, an earlier girlfriend of Dennis. He had served as the previous Senior Scout Master! Small world, but many happy memories.

    By Jim Chapple (10/11/2014)
  • Bill, I think it is Dennis Hagan standing between Frank Fyford and me. Dennis died about a year ago.

    By HARRY O'NEILL (08/11/2014)
  • Harry I thought I had done well in remembering most of the names but defer to your better knowledge. I should have remembered Mr Fiford because his daughter went to school with my late wife I believe.  Good to know you are still going great. Can you fill in the few missing names.

    By William (Billy) Gill (03/11/2014)
  • A grand picture of genuine ‘Tilburyites’ !

    Extreme right, back row was Group Scoutmaster

    Frank Fyford.

    By harry o'neill (02/11/2014)
  • Could we have a larger picture please.


    (You can now click for the larger version – ed.)

    By Cliff Cowin (23/10/2014)

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