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Red Cross - Tilbury Branch

This picture is of a presentation of some sort. I cannot recall but I think the girl in the middle receiving the award is Maxine ? Some of the other names that I can remember are Pam Mitchell, Ken Herbert. Anne Morgan, Georgina Dawson, Teresa ? (had Polish father who was barber in Dock Road). I think this photo could be 1969 -70.

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  • Nice picture I rembember Ken, Maxine, and a few more there thanks for the memory

    James Warner ( mums married name was Hopper married to Ted) lived in Bermuda. Rd 

    By Jimmy Warner (26/01/2014)
  • The sisters are Kay and Jill Turner they lived in Toronto Road

    By Kay Warren (05/11/2013)
  • is the girl on the left Linda Marvell?

    By susan mccrory nee Malthouse (11/09/2013)
  • I am in this picture i was Link of the Year Heather Goldup is at the back

    By Kay Warren (30/08/2013)
  • the girl called Theresa was called Kojack probably spelt wrong lol Her dad had a barbers shop called Mick the Barbers in Dock Road.

    By susan mccrory nee Malthouse (01/08/2013)
  • Thanks yes it was me Maxine aslett I won the award for cadet of the year for the hours I had put in helping out in tilbury hospital and spending time at a school for special needs my first ever away from home for three weeks (I remember loving every Minuit of it ) It was the matron of tilbury hospital that gave me the award a book and cup I had total forgot about this but this brought back so may memories .i remember receiving a grand proficiency badge just after the first one to receive one in tilbury. Very proud moment for me . Kay crow ,Kay and Jill (sisters),Norma clark, were also in the picture I will try to remember the rest of the names would love a copy of photo x x

    By Maxine Lockwood (15/01/2013)
  • Just remembered the girls names Kay and Jill hart

    By Maxine Lockwood (15/01/2013)

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