Memories of Tilbury in the thirties.

I was born at No 1 Thackery Ave in 1931 and lived there until 1940. Now I live in Australia..
Currently I am writing my life story from age 4 until 17, and I’m looking for memories and pics of that period.
From my home in Thackery Ave I could see the funnels and masts of the liners in the dock. A pic would be great! Also I have fond memories of Worlds End , I remember the barges with red sails up and down the river, and the little tugs fussing around the liners. Worlds End was also a camping site for Gypsies with their colourful caravans.
From age 4 years I attended Manorway school. I remember the headmistress; A Miss Horsmann.
Incidently, I noticed a pic of Manorway school pupils and would love to know the date the pic was taken.
I can also recall the view from Worlds End across the river to Gravesend. There was an old hulk and a wooden warship moored there. As convicts would remember the last sight of England being Worlds End before being shipped off to Botany Bay. I thought that maybe the hulk was some sort of transit accommodation, Perhaps someone could add to, or refute that.
I have many memories of Tilbury which I will add from time to time.

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  • After Miss horsman it was Miss Dover then my mother Mrs Parkhurst my dad lived at 11 Parkside Ave ,in the 30s up to the war

    By Chris Parkhurst (13/04/2018)

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