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Documents retained: my identity card from start of war; a medical card with Dr Lohgarh and a transport and general workers union card belonging to my a dad when he worked in the docks dated 1956.

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  • My father Walter wilson worked as the time manager (clocking men in and out) at green and silley wear Tilbury in the 1950s

    By Carol wilson (09/09/2020)
  • Audrey you are correct in this and I remember them well. Bill as you well know worked for Ormonde’s in Calcutta Road and then for himself at the Broadway . I remember their son Colin being at Palmers when I was there but he came via Lansdowne Road School whereas I went from Manorway.

    Keep remembering

    By William (Billy) Gill (13/02/2014)
  • Hello William I think my Dad’s sister lived next door to the Beadles at 32 Spencer Walk they were Bill and Vi Wright.

    By Audrey` Richards (12/02/2014)
  • Hello Audrey I remember you dad around Tilbury and like you have a supply of these union cards left behind with my late fathers belongings. These were very important because without union membership you could not work. I remember 1962 seeking employment with Green & Silley Weir and the foreman was only interested in my union membership not if I had been properly trained and been to college.

    By William (Billy) Gill (11/02/2014)
  • I have 8 of those union cards. They belonged to my Dad Lenny Carter and the cover the years 1955/56 we lived in Christchurch Road. He was a strong Union man and was vice chairman of the Tilbury Branch they used to meet at the Tute

    By Audrey` Richards (10/02/2014)

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