WANTED - Charlie Cole


Wanted, Charlie Cole on the left of the photo.

He was my best man in 1967, does anyone know his location or contact address I have not seen him for years.

Any information would be appreciated.


Charlie Blake

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  • Nice to hear of people still going strong. Tommy and Charlie Cole and Fred(dy) Morgan.


    By Barry Banks (17/01/2015)
  • Charlie now lives in lowestoft  he comes to tilbury stays with bobby beven try to get his phone number Charlie  fred morgan

    By fred morgan (02/01/2015)
  • Don’t know where Charlie Cole is but Hank B Marvin lives quite near!!!

    By keith luck (31/12/2014)
  • Thanks for your help, I now have Charlie’s address

    By Charles Blake (23/12/2014)
  • Thanks for your replies,

    at least I tried. There are 30 or more C. Cole’s in Suffolk.

    Perhaps we are not ment to meet again.

    Charlie Blake [ Australia ]

    By Charles Blake (18/12/2014)
  • Charlie lives in Suffolk.

    [Administrator’s note: The phone number was supplied, but has not been published. We discourage the publication of current personal information such as e-mail address, postal address or phone number.]

    By T Cole (15/12/2014)
  • I sometimes see his brother Tommy will ask him to ask Charlie to contact you when I see him next

    By andy reynolds (10/12/2014)

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