Railway Cottage Children

This picture is of the railway cottage children, circa 1958


From left to right are 

Greg Downes, Unknown,Terry White, two unknowns, Susan Webb? and Tina Ellingford.


If you know of any names for the unknowns then please let us know.


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  • I remember the Penfolds when they lived at 31 sandwiched between the Gunners and the Barends. Archie played in the same football team as my dad Arthur in their black and white quartered, collared, Bukta shirts. I also remember Archie’s brothers Teddy and Dicky.

    By Percy Dalton (08/02/2017)
  • We lived at 31 I worked on the coal stage loading the engines the blonde boy in the back ground is my son my daughter Mary was born there in 1959 also my daughter Linda who was about 3at the time



    By Archie. Penfold (04/02/2017)
  • The little boy in the back ground is my brother john Penfold I was born in 1959 and my sister was born in 1955 shame she not in the picture

    By Mary Penfold (03/02/2017)
  • Andy that’s (or was) Vic and Edie Smith’s dog named Prince.

    By Percy Dalton (05/01/2017)
  • what is the dogs name Percy

    By andy reynolds (04/01/2017)
  • After a bit more thought I believe the girl on the right is Jacqueline Blower.

    By Percy Dalton (02/01/2017)
  • I think it’s Gregory Downes, John Smith, Terry White, ? Carberry ( maybe his name was John the same as his father) I don’t recognise the next boy. The girl on the trike looks like Michaela Carberry and the older girl doesn’t look like Tina Ellingford but I guess it could be.

    By Percy Dalton (05/08/2016)

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