Smith Sisters

My great grandmother Minnie in the middle standing in front of her husband George. I'm assuming that both the women standing either side of her are her sisters, Annie and Lizzie (Eliza) photo taken obviously before George's death in June 1951. Photo taken in Newcastle, NSW Australia.
Minnie is the one seated. She visited Tilbury after her husband died in 1951 so this photo dates to about then. We don't know who anyone else in the photograph is.
Minnie standing on the far right. Unsure again who anyone else is.
This is a photo of Minnie and George's wedding at St Mary's Little Thurrock. They are the couple in the middle front row. Unsure of anyone else.
Does anyone know who this man is next to Minnie?
The back of the photo is captioned "best of luck for Bill, Aunty Lizzie" so that what makes us think she's obviously Lizzie Smith.
This is a photo of a young Minnie. We think it may have been while she was living at 23 Melbourne road.

I was wondering if anyone might be related to or know of the sisters Annie and Lizzie Smith (Smith is their maiden name)?

I’m posting this on behalf of my Grandfather William and Great Uncle John. We would like to know if there is any information on their mother Minnie (who moved to Australia), her two sisters Annie and Elizabeth (who we assume stayed in Tilbury) and their parents.

My Pop’s mother was Minnie Sewell née Smith, daughter of Sidney and Harriet Smith of 23 Melbourne Road, Little Thurrock. Her older siblings were Annie and Elizabeth known as Lizzie. 
His father was George Sewell of South Benfleet, they were married Aug 13 1913 at St Mary’s Little Thurrock. 

Minnie left Tilbury Feb 1st 1923 for Australia with her three sons, George (8), Alfred (5) and Frederick (3). 

Unfortunately all our addresses and correspondence were lost in a house fire during the 60’s. We would like to find anyone who might be related to us through Minnie’s sisters Annie and Lizzie, especially if there happen to be any living cousins of my grandad (Pop). 

Please let me know if you recognise any of these people, or have any information. It means a great deal to my Pop and Uncle John, it would make their day. I’ve even considered flying over at some point if need be; however Uncle John is 93 and Pop 87 so time isn’t really on our side 🙂   

Thank you for your time. 



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  • Lizzie’s surname changed from Smith to Deleay when she married her husband; if this helps anyone.

    By Jess (19/07/2017)

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