Sports soccer teams

Tilbury Juniors 1966/7?

The picture in suits: Left to right

Ernie Appleford(manager) John Jordon, Dennis Mann, Colin Ramsey, Peter Gavercole, Roy Harvey,

Bottom row

? Tony Clark, ? Johnny Ryder, Cox, ?

Other picture Left to right:

? ? Peter Brown, ? Colin Ramsey Boysee Bennett, John Jordon, Lawson

Front row

Colin Macave, ? ? Richie Grey, ?


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  • Top photo is correct on back row except it is John Jerden and front row is Paul Harvey,Tony Clark,?,,John Ryder, Bob Cox, Bob Williams.    Bottom photo is Nobby Thompson(manager) Dave Selmes,Mick Brown,John Banks,Colin Ramsey,Ben Bennett,John Jerden,Mick Lawson,Front Row Colin Macabe,Peter Brown,Dennis Mann ,Dick Grey,Sean Murphy

    By John Jerden (13/04/2015)

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