Tilbury Football Club

from Mavis Baker
from Mavis Baker
from Mavis Baker
from Mavis Baker
from Mavis Baker
from Mavis Baker

Back row:
Freddie Benson, ?, Ernie Stock, Ron Ambridge, Bob Vane, ?, ?, Len Hockley, Harry Glibbery, Richard (Dicky) Downey, ?
Front row:
Arthur Webb, Baird?, ?, Teddy Taylor, Joe Raven

Back row:
Joe Hudson (trainer), Bobby Vale, M Davis, M Bennett, Chris Waterman (captain), G Mansfield, Horswell, Crom Bailey (manager)

Front row:
T Stammers, Chasey Willian, Reg Stanton, Norton Wipps, Arthur Webb, Buckle Ashford, B Williams

Back row:
?, Crom Bailey (manager), Bob Vale, Chris Waterman (captain), Fred Curtis, Horswell, Roy Baker, Bobbie Williams, “Toddle” Stammers, Joe Hudson (trainer)
Front row:
Bob Manley, Norton Wipps, John Evans, Reg Stanton, Harry (Buckle) Ashford

Back row:
Tony Oakley (manager), John Smith, Jackie Parkinson, Billy McConnell, Clive Shilling, John French, T Jackson, Brian Reed, David Drum (previously identified as Brown), Geoff Paisley, Teddy Warren
Front row:
Bobby Winters, Billy Willis, Willy Flood, Dai Evans, Ray Tucker

Brian Reed, Willy Flood, Ray Tucker, Jackie Parkinson, ? Jackson, John Smith (died aged 44), Billy McConnell

Back row:
Robbie Nash, Barry Wilson, Mark Phillips, Lloyd Brown (sec), Stevie Earle, Darren Webber, Nicky Phillips, Rupert Jones (manager), Peter Gray, Dean Henry, Ian “Bodsy” Bodley, Paul Challis, G Crudgenton (?)

Front row:
D Brown, Ian Hayden, A Swann, Jonny Campbell, Alan Merrigan, L McLean, G Young

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  • Hi my stepdad George Budden played for Tilbury fc. I don’t know what years exactly but probably in the 60s. Do you happen to have any photos? Thanks.

    By Ellie Budden (10/05/2019)
  • Hi Linda, I remember that there was a number of benefit games arranged in Kent for his family after his untimely death in 1975. Do you have any photos of Tony’s time at Sittingbourne and Tilbury?

    By richard ralph (22/04/2016)
  • Hi I never met tony as he passed away when my tony was 11, he was so fit, he run for miles every days, had 3 jobs, tony was there when his dad was unwell, it happened so quick, we have lots of programes from when he was at Sittingbourne, and tilbury, we will dig them out and put them on here.

    By linda coggin (17/02/2015)
  • Hi Linda I was a great supporter of Tilbury when Tony Oakley snr was manager so I would love to see any photos you have.I spent the whole of my 6 weeks holiday painting the ground 1 year and he always found time to speak when he saw me he was a lovely man

    By Michael Cox (16/02/2015)
  • I am married to tony Oakley jr, if you would like any pictures I will be happy to post.

    By Linda Coggin (14/02/2015)
  • we are the famous tilbury town .

    By Danny Jackson (09/08/2013)
  • Norton Wipps was the ‘hero of the day’ when Tilbury FC met Notts County captained by Tommy Lawton when they met in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. A special train ran to Nottingham for the match and I was lucky enough to go

    By Duncan Grant (13/09/2012)
  • it was Tommy Campbell not Johnny

    By MARK (05/08/2012)
  • Some missing names:

    First picture – next to Harry Gibbery is Richard (Dicky) Downey who was my uncle.

    Fourth picture – next to Brian Reed is David Drum (not Brown) then Geoff Paisley and Teddy Warren.

    By Michael Cox (09/07/2012)

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