Tilbury Cricket Club 1950s?

Tilbury Cricket Club 1950s?
Paul Johnson

This is, I think, a photo of the Tilbury Cricket Club taken at the Daisy Field sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s. My father (Peter Johnson) who was a regular local cricketer who played for Tilbury, Orsett and Shell Mex & BP team, is second from left in the front row. The only other name I recall is that of Ernie Scorer who is second from right in the front row. We lived in Gainsborough Avenue with a garden which backed onto the Daisy Field which meant that I spent most of my childhood playing football, cricket and tennis there.

I distinctly remember the opening of the new pavilion which must have been in the early 1960s and my friends and I were always keen to play football once the team games had finished so that we could have the rare opportunity to use the goal nets until they were taken down!

Paul Johnson

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  • Great Picture of some Tilbury Stalwarts.

    By Barry Banks (10/07/2020)
  • Peter Collins (deceased 2018 in Spain)from Stanford le hope played for Tilbury. I ( Valerie Collins) used to help with the teas with Jean Pearce. What wonderful times we we enjoyed. Love to all.

    By Valerie Collins (27/06/2020)
  • Hello,
    completing explanations to Spooner family:
    We met for the first time 1965 during our vacation in St. Goarshausen/Rhine. 1966 I came for the first time to London-Wood Green, to Stanford-le-Hope and Tilbury. 1968 I got engaged with my girlfriend Ute in London and met again with Bill and June. Also 1971, when we were in England on wedding journey. We saw ourselves last 1986, when we undertook a large England / Scotland / Wales-Trip with our automobile.
    If Bill and June are attainable no longer, would it be possible to inform June’s sister Jackie? Thank you so much.
    From Mainz with love
    Karl Heinz Jochim

    By Karl Heinz Jochim (20/08/2018)
  • Hallo together,
    how is my old friend Bill Spooner and his wife June from Stanford-le-Hope?
    From Germany with love
    Karl Heinz Jochim

    By Karl Heinz Jochim (17/08/2018)
  • This picture includes my father, Keith Smith, 3rd from the right, top row. So nice to see a pic of him, he died quite young at age 53, in 1987, and although had emigrated to Canada in 1980, cricket always remained a part of his life. 

    By Lisa Annan (06/10/2016)
  • Hello, I’m still looking around for information about Tilbury cricket. Good to see a mention of Alan ‘Fozzy’ Fullbrook, I played with him at Grays and Chadwell before it became Thurrock CC and now ‘Orsett and Thurrock CC’. The amalgamations being the result in the last instance of a lack of young players coming into the clubs. Nice to see the legend that was Buddy Goyett was also a cricket player, I just knew him as an all round good bloke who did loads of stuff for the youth of Tilbury. Anyway that aside, I had some results in the last few days via a Grays and Thurrock page on social media. It seems that there was a cricket pitch somewhere off of Dock road in Tilbury, this is confirmed by an article on the SECDB website, but has little detail other than it was associated with Silley Weirs. I can recall as a kid that before the Adelaide/Darwin Rd estates were built there was a playing field with football pitches on that we used to call ‘The Dockers fields’. But a gentleman on the social website has said that he knew these fields as Silley’s fields and played on them in the 1950’s as a kid. He says that there was a cut strip on there that was maintained in the summer and teams would play cricket there formally – whites etc. So this might be the Silley Weirs ground that’s mentioned in the SEDCB website? Confusingly the SEDCB article says that they stopped using their ground on Dock road in the 1930’s (Approx) moving up to Blackshots. So the question remains was the pitch at the Dockers Field “Silleys field” used through the remainder of the 1930’s up till the late 1950’s? Looking at maps, there were also small building there and the bloke I’m talking to has mentioned changing rooms… Pavilion?

    On that same thread another obscure field has been mentioned at the end of Dock road as it turns into Little Thurrock near the Rookery. Football was played there, but as yet no mention of cricket – anything about that would be great too?

    Any further information would be great. Cheers in advance.

    By Dave Thompson (19/03/2016)
  • Just a correction in one of my posts, I stated a past Tilbury player as Ron Springett, it should have been Peter? Springett I think.  Ron Springett was the England goalkeeper in the 60’s.

    Hi Barry

    Paul retired 3 years ago, he’s well, apart from a few age related ailments (as we all do I suppose), he now lives in Wickford with his partner.  Pat lives in Eaton Ford, St Neots in Cambridgeshire, she’s doing well, she’s 74 this year, where have the years gone.  I’ll tell Paul you asked after him next time I see him.

    Have you seen the post “Tilbury Cricket History” by Dave Thompson in this Sport section, he’s doing a project on Cricket Fields of Tilbury.  He’s looking for info on West Tilbury’s ground amongst others, and as you played there you may be able to help him.

    By Donald Carter (03/03/2014)
  • Just thought I’d add a few more names from the the past that I can remember from my childhood when I lived in Tilbury and my dad used to take me on the cross bar of his bike with his cricket bag and cycle from our house in Tennyson Walk to the Daisy Field for home games.  Hi Tony (Downey) you will remember these & more I expect.

    Jack Sowells, Ernie Scorah (used to bowl the ball so slow and so high that it used to bamboozle the batsman), Bill Spooner, Ron Springett, Ray Pratten, Charlie Wright, John Wright, Harold Fullbrook, and all those mentioned in the above posts and my post of the 1973 Team.  Got to remember the tea ladies back in the 50’s, Mrs Revell & my mum.  The scorer in those days was Harold Scorah and my sister Pat after him.  Another good memory I have is of away games, especially to Gravesend when everyone would pile on the bus (with the big kit bag) then onto the ferry (steam in those days), and the 480 bus to Henley’s.  Also to IPM.  All us kids thought it was great, after the game we would get our bottles of pop and bags of crisps (with the blue salt bag). The only person to have a car in those days was Tony (a red Hillman I think).  Has any body else memories of those days?

    By Donald Carter (02/03/2014)
  • Donald, my apologies for the error. I remember your Dad very well. Great Fellow. How is Paul doing and your sister ?

    By Barry Banks (02/03/2014)
  • Forgot to mention Alan Fullbrook as one of the sons of past players that kept Tilbury alive, he being one of the players that gets us together at least once a year to keep the spirit of Tilbury Cricket Club alive.  He’s got TCC in his blood.  Also Peter Laird one of the regular get together group who meet up in the White Hart, musn’t forget Stan who’s got the memory of an elephant, he remembers everything of past games, results, scorers, incidents during games etc., what a memory!

    By Donald Carter (02/03/2014)
  • Hi Barry

    Just a slight correction in the the teams that Roland Revell played for, you omitted Tilbury who he played for for many years before he went to Hadleigh.  Back in those days & before, Tilbury had probably the best team in the district including my dad Harry Carter, Henry Revell, Roland Revell, Paul Carter, Tony Downey, Peter Bloss, Alan Weeks, Fred Goldstone, Roy Pearce, Ray Smallcombe, John Powell, Tony Catto & many more, unfortuneately there was no league cricket in those days so no recognition really.  After those years Tilbury CC was really kept alive mainly by the sons of elder or past players (Dennis Pearce, Peter Pearce, Paul Carter, myself, Steven Goldstone) who gradually helped to build a good team again, when some good Tilbury youngsters came along like Mal Umfreville & Bill Luckin.  Unfortuneately Tilbury CC are no more, a sign of the times I suppose.

    By Donald Carter (01/03/2014)
  • Very nice to make contact Tony.

    As for Alan Bloss, unfortunately I lost contact with Alan back in the 60s. I am pretty sure that he, at one time, worked for the U N in New York since I also believe he did speak Russian. Now that’s intriguing considering what was going on at that time ! Again, unfortunately, I have not seen Peter for many years. 

    By Barry Banks (27/02/2014)
  • The player back row extreme right is Ron Gardner.  Don’t know person extreme left front row.

    Barry – What news of Alan Bloss


    By Tony Downey (26/02/2014)
  • Alan and Peter Bloss lived opposite me in Southey Walk. Their sister Jennifer was a teenage athletics starlet for Thurrock Harriers. Alan went to Palmer’s School and, I believe, worked for The United Nations in NY. Peter was a fine cricketer and a very good footballer who decided, when still quite young, to spend his summers on the beaches in Spain.   

    By Barry Banks (13/12/2013)
  • Hi Peter,

    There were four Revel brothers;

    Henry played for Tilbury and then Hadleigh; Peter played for Tilbury, Thurrock Internet and Hadleigh; Alan was the non-cricketer of the family;Roland (a mate of mine at Manorway School ’til 1957) played for West Tilbury and then Hadleigh. Very sadly, Peter passed away at no age really but I am pretty sure that the Revel name lives on in Chadwell St Mary (Alan) and Hadleigh (Henry & Roland).

    I played for West Tilbury and at the time (1961-1965) we had the crop of the local young cricket talent but eventually we all went our separate ways to Orsett, Hadleigh, Thurrock Internet, Tilbury, Grays Co-Op/Fondu.

    Lovely memories.

    By Barry Banks (12/12/2013)
  • I also remember Alan and Peter Bloss, but couldn’t recognise them now.

    By Elizabeth Johnson (now Brain) (12/12/2013)
  • Just remembered, the Umpire was Fred Carter.

    By Barry Banks (11/12/2013)
  • Spot on, Barry. I recognise the names of Fred Goldstone, Harry Carter and Henry Revell. I have a feeling that there were two Revells – Henry and Peter. Not sure if they were brothers or father and son but could be mistaken.

    By Paul Johnson (11/12/2013)
  • Some names here:

    Top – Fred Goldstone, Fred ? (Umpire for many years), ?, Alan Weeks, Keith Smith, Buddy Goyette, ?.

    Bottom ?, Pete Johnson, Harry Carter, Ernie Scorer, Henry Revell.

    I used to take my scorebook with me and also hope that the opposition might be one short so that I might get a game. Whilst batting with Paul Carter on one occasion (the visitors being two short) we managed to run 7 (with overthrows of course) much to the annoyance of Weeksy, Harry Carter et al.

    Cor, what memories.

    By Barry Banks (10/12/2013)
  • I am sure that’s J Stanley Stone  one time St Chads headmaster back row in glasses,and 2nd from right back row a young Buddy Goyette. 

    By David Seaman (09/12/2013)

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