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Hello, I’m from Tilbury, I lived there from 1960-1987 and now live in the Basildon area. I’m a photography lecturer these days and I’m working on a project based around images of places that used to be cricket pitches or were used as cricket pitches. The ones that I’m aware of so far and have found some research around are as follows and a request for more info on each pitch.

Dock Road, Tilbury. Looking at this info here it’s apparent that there was a pitch in Dock Road. I’d love to know exactly where that was and if possible a picture of the location or a map or players please? 

Tilbury Fort. Apparently, the courtyard of the fort was grass right up until 1970 and in 1776 a cricket match there ended up with two blokes being killed. There’s a couple of accounts of this on the internet, but anything more than that would be good to see.

Condovers, West Tilbury. This one I remember as I was a Tilbury sea-scout during the 1972-74 period and we often camped at the site and there was always cricket being played on that pitch. If you look on google maps or my own website there’s a capture that suggests that tucked away in the bushes there are still remnants of the pavilion. Does anyone have information about any teams that played there, whose ground was it, what’s their history, how long has that ground been there (It was a sand quarry)? Are there any pictures of games or players on that ground?

The Daisy Field. This one is fairly well documented, so I’m after pictures of the ground/games or players with the pavillion in the image. I’d be very interested in knowing how long it was used for cricket and whether before the new building that was there in the 70’s, there was an older pavilion? 

Any others?

Do you know of any others in and around Tilbury? Was there ever a pitch at East Tilbury – if so where and who played on it? Similarly Linford?

Cheers Dave.


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  • Cheers John, for that, an interesting read confirming that there was a ground along Dock road, I just now need to establish where along Dock Road. Any other information would be great on this subject especially the location of the ground.

    Dave T

    By Dave Thompson (19/10/2015)
  • The South Essex District Cricket Board web site has an informative article about the Thurrock Interknit Cricket Club which played on a ground at Dock Road.

    By John Matthews (16/06/2014)

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