Steam Railway Firemen

This photo was taken in the ‘Bomb Crater’ in 1967-68. It was night out for the Steam Railway Fireman. From left to right are Terry Penfold, Pauline Gower, the driver Ron Goater, Fred Crosby Noger Knight, Mrs. knight, Fred Crosby, Mole Edmons, Tinny Moon, Mrs Moon, jean Dunn, George Pitcher, Mrs. Goddon, Stan Goddon, Rita McSherry Mrs. Clarke, Warwick Garwood, Gordon Claydon, Nobby Clarke, Scats Gadlin, Shany Dowman, George Austin, Dave Bloomfield, Dave Bass. There are a couple of names that we could not identify – do you know their names?

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  • The lady standing behind Nobby Clark is his wife Margaret nee MaGuire 

    By Terry Clark (15/03/2014)

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