The Askew Family

Argent Street in the 50s and earlier

I lived in Argent Street during 1953/54. My mother’s name was Amelia Grace Pollard nee Askew. I believe that my Grandma lived there too, her name was Ethel Askew and my Grandpa was John Leonard Askew. He died there in 1951.

My mother was married to George Pollard, they were very young. They had my sister in 1951, she was called Jacqueline, I was known as Trudy.

Does anyone remember any of us?

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  • It is now some time since I posted my original enquiry about my family. I managed to speak to Jade and she filled in a few blanks for me, but sadly have not spoken with Darren or Emma. Please come back to me I would so like to speak with you.

    By Anna (07/08/2022)
  • Definitely, I would be very interested in taking to you all xx

    By jade goddard (30/01/2022)
  • I have only just read all these comments and I would love to talk to you all…..

    By Trudy (15/10/2021)
  • Hello, reading through these comments and you said that you were known as Trudy?
    My mum has asked you to message you as I think we might be relatives?. my grandads name was Tony askew and his mum and dad Ethel and John Askew.
    He had siblings called Jonny, Ethel but known as Tessa, Jean, Roy, Millie.
    She also had a set of twins that passed,
    I would love to know more could you please Email me?

    By jade goddard (14/01/2021)
  • Hi Anna,

    Please contact me, my grandfather was George Pollard, I have checked all records and everything tallies up.

    My Grandfather George Pollard married Amelia Grace Askew around (Registered) March 1951 in Thurrock, they had children Jacqueline around (registered) Sept 1951, in Thurrock and yourself Trudy around (registered) March 1953 in Brentwood, My mother was born in 1955.

    Amelia Grace Pollard then married into the family Meads and My Grandfather also remarried in (registered) September 1971 in Newham, I can only presume that this is when George and Amelia’s marriage was annulled.

    There are lots of blanks I need to fill in surrounding yourself and Jacqueline, I can only presume that you were both adopted into another family with Emma’s comment above as it does appear that a birth record for a Clifford TJ Meads was born to Amelia Meads, nee Askew (registered) in 1957 in West Ham.

    My grandmother is still with us however I don’t want to upset her in any way with these questions as she has never mentioned Grandads life prior to them to us.

    With respect to my late grandfather George, your father, he was a great man and a very dear and loving grandfather and skilled carpenter and I am certain that what happened with you and your sister Jacqueline was out of his control.

    George passed away in 2001 aged just 70, not a day goes by without me thinking of him and the memories I have of him.

    I would love to hear from you and find out your story and if you are in contact with Jacqueline.

    Please contact me.


    By Darren Cross (30/12/2018)
  • Hi Anna
    Your mothers name was the same as my late husband’s mother’s name and he said his mother had had 2 girls before she married his father and I remember him telling me that one of the girls name was Trudy.
    I am putting 2 and 2 together but not sure if I’m making 5.

    By Emma Meads (09/11/2018)

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