Teachers names - Chadwell St Mary County Primary School

1963 - 1970


I wondered if anyone has a list of teachers names (or any photos) for the period 1963 – 1970

My name was Elaine Goodfellow.  I recall my first teacher was Mrs Jones, followed I think by Mrs Henderson – then there is a blank jumping a few years to Mrs Jubb.  And I definitely cannot recall the name of any head/deputy head.  Can anyone help fill in the gaps?

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  • Hi, I don’t know how I have missed previous comments made – didn’t intend to seem rude. Thanks for helping to fill in the gaps everyone and you are most possibly right Jan, I probably was not paying attention!!! I honestly recall very little about my time there…I remember watching the moon landing with us all in the hall. we all sang happy birthday in assembly whenever it was anyone’s birthday. Maypole dancing and summer fetes. The milk frozen solid in winter and curdled/attacked by birds in the summer. The strong smell of plasticine in the annex. Sitting my eleven plus in the staff room. Going to Blackshots swimming pool for lessons (it was soooo cold in the big pool!!!) Being in the netball team and being about a foot taller than everyone else. I embarrassingly recall throwing a rounders ball up from the bottom of the field when we were putting equipment away and hitting a boy on the head with it (I think I knocked him out). Sports days, i loved sports days – but names of teachers etc ……sketchy

    By Elaine Milis (nee Goodfellow) (03/01/2022)
  • I recall Mr Daryll was the headmaster & Mrs Cosby & Mr Boyer were both teachers there during the years I attended before moving on to Torells & then St Cleres.

    By Ian Dunne (02/01/2022)
  • Hi Elaine,
    as I recall it was Mrs Jones, Mrs Henderson, Miss Paige, Miss Jubb, Mr Helia, Mr Boyer teaching our class . Mr Summerfield was head ,then Brummit and although I remember Brummit leaving, I can’t think who took his place. I remember a Mrs Robinson,Miss Mangert,Mrs Grover Mrs Fothergill,I think a Mrs Spendelow was school secretary ,Mr Tucker was the care taker lived in the house at the back of the school and there was Mrs Hadlow and Rouse the dinner ladies. I also remember one of the above posters as he lived next door to me for years, Hi Dave if you see this. lol I don’t know why you dont remember these teachers Elaine as you were in my class,am guessing you just were not paying attention….. 😛

    By jan Kleyn (12/09/2020)
  • I was at Chadwell school from 1959 to 1965 – my name was Marilyn White . I can remember Mrs Henderson, Mrs Fothergill and Mr Summerfield. I lived in Crouch Road but I had a relative who lived in Stour Road.

    By Marilyn White (18/06/2019)
  • I was at CSM primary until 1971, my elder sister Janice was there before me. Remember those teachers, it was Miss Jubb, later to become Mrs Bailey. Other teachers were Mrs. Robinson, Mrs Wright, Mrs Fothergill, Mr. Boyer, Mr. Clays, Miss . Mangert. Mr. Hey wood was briefly headmaster after Mr. Brummett and also Mrs Kennedy. I also remember Mrs. Simmons and Mrs. Murrell.

    By David Jacks (21/02/2019)
  • I remember your sister Angela, I also lived in Stour Road at the other end to you in what you would now call a cul de sac, the Down and lived next door, then the Rouses. I do remember more teachers names if you are interested.

    By Geraldine Pluck (now Topliss) (20/11/2018)
  • I joined Chadwell school in 1960. Mrs Henderson was my form teacher. Mr. SUMMERFIELD was Headmaster and a very nice man. I recall later on he sadly later passed away, but being children we were never told why. Mr. Brummitt as I recall took over.

    By Geraldine Pluck (now Topliss) (20/11/2018)

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