Where are they now

Largely  unknown by me

Back row

5th from left Janet Convard? 2nd from right Susan Pigget

Second row

1st left Colin Green 4th left Neil Clark 5th left Terry Worrel 7th ? Grant 8th David Donnelly

Third row

5th from left Herbert twin, in front her sister

6th from left Terry Sutcliffe? Bricka Wall Barry Otley

Front row

1st left Reggie Gurlin 1st right Keith ?

Again largely unknown by me

Back row

2nd left Bruno Brown 4th left Peter Collins 2nd right Keith Thompson

Middle row – recognise faces, don’t know names

Front row 2nd left Mick Beard 3rd left Billy Beard 1st right Billy Talbot

Can anyone fill in the gaps?

Alan Marshall was born in 1946 and thinks he is about 7-8 years old in this photo so makes this year 1954 – 5? 

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  • 3rd from left top row is me. Sharyn Bamford.

    By Sharyn bois (25/05/2016)
  • In the bottom photo starting from the top left to right…….is Alan Marshall, second boy is Bruce Brown aka Bruno Brown, third along Anthony Lester, fourth Peter Collins, fifth Bernard Jones, six not sure, seven Eddie Erland, eight Michael Grant? nine Jimmy Baird (twin brother Billy in front row) ten Derek Thompson, eleven Barry Ottley,.

    Middle row left to right, Michael Hales, two along John Graham, three… this Ronnie Snashall? four Norman Wood, five Geoffrey Tredwell, six Linda Bibby, seven not sure may be Malcolm Malthouse? eight don’t know? nine Dorothy Stone, ten Janice Hicks ? 

    Bottom row sitting down, From left to right Roy Bradley, two Mikey Beard, three twin Billy Baird, four not sure of name? five Robert Gibbons, six ? seven Kay Felton, eight Chris Shashutt, nine possible Edgar Cornell, ten Billy Talbot who sadly passed away last year.

    By Annie O'Brien (07/05/2015)
  • The top foto, front row 5th person from right or left is my sister, Pat Shovlar. The year was 1953, not 1963.

    By ROBERT WILLIAM SHOVLAR (22/01/2015)
  • Top foto is 53 not 63.

    By ROBERT WILLIAM SHOVLAR (21/01/2015)
  • the date for this photo can’t be right Reggie Girling was only a year or two younger than me I’m 68 and was at Manorway in 1955.

    By andy reynolds (06/03/2014)

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