Manorway School

Eleven plus exam success

Manorway 1951 - pupils who passed the 11+
from Bill Gill

This is a photograph of the pupils who passed the 11 plus exam at Manorway School in 1951;

Back Row left to Right

Glenda Rowswell, Brenda Ferdinand, Irene Bearham, Miss Cooke (teacher – later Mrs Jefferies), Daphne Mansfield, Doris Stone, Shirley Pudney

Middle Row Left to Right

Sheila Nice, Valerie Morgan, Janet Briggs, Jean Saunders, Sheila Carter

Front Row Left to Right

Colin Treadwell, Billy McCann, Bill Gill, Roy Field, Roy George, Walter Adams, Roger Wrightson

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  • Hello Billy,

    You did well to still have the photo .mine went years ago.The Ferdinands in Cowper Ave were my Dads uncle and his family.I live in E Sussex are you still in Essex?


    By Brenda taylor (25/10/2014)
  • Hello, Brenda Ferdinand and 63 years have passed. How smug of me to think I could remember all the names. I defer to your greater knowledge and know you are correct. You may not realise but the Ferdinand family in Cowper Avenue were related to me. Nice to know somebody read my submission.  Keep reading this website and I look forward to reading something from you about Tilbury in better times.

    By William (Billy) Gill (01/09/2014)
  • I think it was Pat Carter not Sheila Carter.She was in my class in 4a and then Grays Tech.K1 B Taylor (nee Ferdinand ) 

    By B Taylor (31/08/2014)

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