Manorway School - 1952

Primary Pupils Aged 5 to 6

I came across this school photograph and I have most names:
Back Row – Joan Turner, Barry Banks, Charlie Eldridge, Peggy Mitchell, Billy Cooper, ? , ? , Carol Britton, Sandra Wakeling, Harold Girt, Christine Talbot,
Middle Row – Valerie Parchment, Lynette Morrell, Valerie Goodrich, Ethel Gardner, Mary Rosewell, ? , Janet Webb, gap , Barry Palmer, ?.
Front Row – Iris Powell, Valerie Little, Anne Shepherd, Roy Bridgehouse, Carol Cox, Angela Cole, Billy Mansfield, Carol Conyard, ?.
I apologise for any wrong names but perhaps those of you out there can correct me. 

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  • I think that valerie parchment in this photo is my dads cousin

    By Karen Griffin (02/02/2015)
  • Whoops ! Sorry to Peggy (of course) Hitchcock.

    By Barry Banks (04/06/2013)
  • What a brilliiant photo Barry, I know most of the people you have named, but struggling to put names to others.

    By andy reynolds (03/06/2013)
  • Hi Barry, have you been watching too much Eastenders, I think it is Peggy Hitchcock not Mitchell, lol, keep the pics coming.

    By andy reynolds (03/06/2013)

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