St Chads, 1959

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  • WOW thank you for this picture i have just found of my mum Brenda Mason which i have never seen before ,my mum Brenda died in 1995 and this has bought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye

    By julia rushen(McGowan) (26/06/2019)
  • 5th from right in the middle row (next to Sandra Malthouse) isn’t Beverley Sinclair but my mum, then Margaret Mason, cousin of Brenda Mason in the front row.

    By Lea Cornthwaite (28/03/2017)
  • Recognise all the girls and some of the boys.  I was in this class but as a Christmas time leaver, along with a handful of others, was not in the photo.  I left when I was 14, had my 15th birthday days later and started work in London beg of January. 

    By Anne Willson (25/03/2017)
  • Valerie Lawson

    By andy reynolds (26/02/2017)
  • 1959 Last Class Photo

    Back row from L-R

    Barry Benton, Valerie Cullum, Joan Ellis, Valerie Carter, Sandra Cox, Irene Barnes, Gloria Allberry, Frank Hewitt, Kenny Herbert.

    Middle Row L-R

    Michael Hoare, John Summers, Colin Beck, Beryl Major, Janet Trives , Sandra Malthouse, Beverly Sinclair, Pamela Redknap, Jackie Pease, Billy Cook, Donald Gardner?

    Front Row L-R

    Colin White, Valerie Cansfield, Pauline Elliott, Brenda Dunwell, Carol Riches, Richard Fox, Valerie Lewis, Brenda Mason, Maureen Gilson, Billy Cook

    By Sandra Jarvis (24/02/2017)
  • The following names were given by Mick Nash:-

    Top row 2nd from right – Eric Boyce

    Middle row 3rd from left – Colin Beck

    Middle row 2nd from right – John Ansell

    Bottom row 5th from right – Richard Fox

    By Cliff Cowin (06/02/2017)
  • OK, but he certainly looks like the Mick Nash I remember. Are they by any chance related? Guess not!

    By Jim Chapple (11/01/2017)
  • No it’s not Mick Nash Jim it’s Richard Fox

    By andy reynolds (10/01/2017)
  • That’s my aunt, Brenda Mason, third in from the right, front row. Brenda lived in Melba Gardens, as I did. She married George MacGowan, and after living in Tilbury for a number of years, they moved to the Braintree area. Sadly, Brenda died about twenty years ago.

    By Terry Wakeling (07/01/2017)
  • back row 6 in is the girl moon married name middle row second from right is john Ansell Solly Susan Shelley [Piggott[

    By susan shelley /piggott (29/12/2016)
  •  next to JOHN Ansell is Jackie Pease Susan Shelley

    By susan shelley /piggott (29/12/2016)
  • Not my year, I passed through St Chads five years previously, but fifth from the right, seated, must be Mick Nash of Rockin Devils fame. We worked together at TBM in the Engineering Purchasing Department In the late 60’s.

    By Jim Chapple (29/12/2016)

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