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Who can remember these young fellows??? photo taken in the Quadrangle of St Chads School 1948, There are a total of 328 boys and I’ve been able to remember 187 of them. I’m standing photo 4, right side, top row, third in, those to my right are Andy Mackenzie, Tony Cole,  unknown, John Baldry, John Saddington and those in the next lower row extreme right,  Francis Jewel, unknown, Maccabe or Macnabe, Brian Howroyd, Derek Pudney, Ralph Salmon.


4th Photo:

By kind permission of Chris Bell, a school friend and also in the series of photos, here is the centre section. Does that help Keith??


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  • Thank you Anthony Yes dad was born 1935 had older brother David Elson and did have one eye. Thankyou for sharing the memories thats amazing

    Kind regards
    Colleen Prior nee Elson

    By Colleen Ann Prior (03/04/2021)
  • To Colleen Prior, I can remember Philip Elson living at No 7 Gainsborough Ave. He had an elder brother (I can’t remember his name) who had only one eye. The story was that he lost the eye through an accident with a dining fork. Philip was a couple of years older than I (I was born 1937) and he would occasionally join in the street games with us younger short-trousered kids. Sorry but that is the only memory I have of him.

    By Anthony (Tony) Duligal (02/03/2021)
  • Further to my enquiry re Michael Cotter as his whereabouts,
    I do know that in early 60,s he worked on the Balfore Beatty site of Tilbury B Power Station driving the site workers small bus

    By Anthony (Tony) Duligal (01/03/2021)
  • To those who can remember the pupils that attended St Chads between 1948/1952, I’m trying to find news, where abouts or if he is longer with us, on Michael Cotter (lived in top end of Fielding Road) whom I lost contact with about 1963. On the 2nd Photo, from the top, he is placed behind the right shoulder of Cliff James (teacher)and over Michaels left shoulder is Michael’s brother Chris

    By Anthony (Tony) Duligal (01/03/2021)
  • Some one mentioned on one of the photos about the Elson Family. My father was Elson and went to St Chads he was born 1935 so in 1948 time would have been 13 does this help

    By colleen prior (08/01/2021)
  • I do not have any pictures of my dad from his younger years, but I believe he attended St Chad’s and would have been a student there during this time. Can anyone tell me if James (Jim, Jimmy) Kemp is in any of these pictures? Does anyone have memories of him they would be happy to share?

    By Joanne (21/04/2019)
  • second photo, back row 8th along from the right with a big mop of black hair is my late father Brian Nelder! I am 100% certain 🙂

    By martin nelder (10/08/2015)
  • Thanks anyway Tony, was great to see people who had such an influence on your life.

    By Keith Luck (08/11/2014)
  • Sorry Keith but unable re do the lower  photograph, this a copy of a copy I acquired many moons ago and I cant remember for where I got it from, I shall have to stir up a few memories but age is adding confusion, after all it was almost 67 years ago 


    By Tony Duligal (26/10/2014)
  • Tony

    Is it possible I could re-photograph your photo at a later date (2015) ?  I would like the photos shown without the glass reflection on it.  Am I being picky?

    Once again thanks for sharing a great photograph.


    By Keith Luck (25/10/2014)
  • Keith

    I think the teacher Newman was just out of teacher- training in 1948, when the pictures were taken.

    Further to Gainsborough, the year after you moved there was the start of my National service so its doubtful that we came into contact, these are the families I can remember starting from St Chads end, our side, Yallop, Elson, Barker, Smith, Goldsmith, Hudson, Duligal, Masters, Knight, Marr, Lawson, Webb, Martin, Barness, Mills, opposite side Feenan Highway end, Belton, Lawrence, Saunders, Kennedy, Metcalf, MacKenzie, Sculpher, Frost, Enwood, Head, Cole, Wilson, Bell (I still correspond with Chris), Barrand, Hardy, Shayshuck,Milligan, not bad for a memory of 60 year ago but I do have trouble remembering what day it is Ha! Ha! Ha!.

    Anybody out there remember these families



    By Tony Duligal (11/07/2014)
  • Tony

    Thanks for the extra photo showing Tom Percy in full, will download it for my own archives.  Terrific to see the faces of these teachers after all this time, opens up part of the brain that hasn’t been used for 50 years.  Can you tell me if the teacher Newman in the photo transferred to Manor Primary?  As far as Gainsborough Ave goes didn’t move to Tilbury until 1954 when I was 7 (corner of Sullivan and St. Chads Road).

    Thanks once again might catch up with you in the future when I revisit from WA. 


    By Keith Luck (06/07/2014)
  • 4th should read 5th

    By Tony Duligal (16/06/2014)
  • Tony

    Great photos, don’t know any of the boys in it, I was too young, but of particular interest were the teachers in photos 2 & 3.  On the original photos does it show Tom Percy and Stoney in full?

    Keith Luck

    By keith luck (15/06/2014)
  • To Keith.

    The teachers as shown in photos 2&3 are Newman, Cliff James, Jackson, Tim Holt, Jack Priest, Gray, J.S.Stone, Tom Percy, “Taffy/Beckey” Jones, Williams, John Walsham and the secretary Doreen Coker nee Rawlinson. Several years ago I visited Doreen and her husband Norman ( an RCA acclaimed artist)  and whilst in their company I happened to mention that I had lost my original copy of the photo, within minutes one was produced from which the 4 photo stats that I posted was handed to me. I still exchange Christmas greeting with John Walsham. It is so pleasing that by posting these photos on this great site they have created so much response, worldwide. You mention Gainsborough Ave elsewhere on the site, I also lived there up until1955

    By Tony Duligal (15/06/2014)
  • Hello to Susan McCory,  I can remember Michael Malthouse in the same class as me (the 4 photo taken 1948 first year), am I correct, did he had a younger brother?, sorry but I can’t place Michael in any of the 4 photos and we weren’t in any particular order. I can also remember his father Fred working in the Docks, going to work on a bike along with his workmate Fred Smith.  To your friend who’s looking for Danny Faulkner (lived in Raphael Ave) he’s in the others photos in the posting on this site “St chads 1948/1950″ and “St Chads 1950.”  Tony Duligal

    By Tony Duligal (24/04/2014)
  • my dads name was danny falconer thanks for pointing him out.

    By mark (24/04/2014)
  • Thank you for replying to my last message Tony and John. Yes my dad had three other brothers Robert (Bob), James (Jimmy) and Malcolm. Ive got a few photos of my dad when he was younger ill have to try to find them and put them on here. I remember my grandad Fred mentioning Fred Smith. If you or anyone can remember anything else about my family could you please message me id love to hear about them. Thankyou 

    By susan mccrory nee malthouse (24/04/2014)
  • I don’t remember the Malthouse boys and can’t yet find Danny Falkner in these photos, but Danny is in “St Chads School 1950” where he is named; he is also in “St Chads 1948/49 2nd. Year Boys” in the top photo; top row; 5th. in from the left. 

    By John Baldry (23/04/2014)
  • Hi could you tell me please if that is my uncle james malthouse second photo down third from the right on the 2nd from the top row. ?

    By susan mccrory nee malthouse (21/04/2014)
  • Hi could anyone please tell me if my father Michael Malthouse who was in st chads in 1948 maybe 2nd year is on any of these photographs. Also my friend is trying to see if his dad is on these his name was Danny Faulkner. Thankyou 

    By susan mccrory nee malthouse (21/04/2014)
  • Many thanks for the ‘heads-up’ Tony. 

    By John Baldry (07/03/2014)
  • Hi John, I can remember you quite well, and I think Brian Bristow is in 2nd photo right side in front of Jack Priest ( can you remember the printing press in his classroom?) and his brother is (I think) in 4th photo, right side, 3rd row down and 7 in, next to Brian Sparrowham. Those either side of you are Tony Cole and John Saddington.


    By Tony Duligal (06/03/2014)
  • They must be about 78 years old now, great photo’s

    By andy reynolds (29/01/2014)
  • That’s amazing Tony, that you can ID over half of this lot. I can’t find the 40 odd from my class, or my ‘street mates’ (Bill & Brian Bristow). I wonder how they organized us, my class is spread over all four photos!! In photo 4 top right, if you are No.3, I think No.1 is Bob Burns and I am No.6, the kid with the fair hair, John Baldry. Great photos, thanks for posting them, John.

    By John Baldry (28/01/2014)
  • Hi George, Christ there’s been a lot of water pass under the bridge since we last met, about 1965 when you were working at Ropers, were are you now??. We live at Turners Hill, West Sussex, moved away from Little Thurrock about 19 years ago. I’m on facebook. if you are interested in catching up???. Can you remember us wearing clip-on bow ties????? My chipped front tooth???? Tony

    By Tony Duligal (24/12/2013)
  • Hello Charles, Yes on both counts. Jack was my Hisband

    By Audrey` Richards (20/12/2013)
  • To Tony

    Jim or Jingles as he was known is on the top picture is second row from the top and on the far right

    And looking at the picture again I think I got the wrong brother the one in the 3rd picture 4th row from the top and 5th from the right is Albert I think in front of him is John Arnold. There were 6 Richards brothers  Jack, Charlie, Jim, Gordon, Albert and Len they lived in Tyndall Cottages Christchurch Road.

    By Audrey` Richards (20/12/2013)
  • Thanks George, your brother was one of the 180 odd that I recognised, and of course you were another one, memories, memories.


    By Tony Duligal (19/12/2013)
  • And you George are between Leslie Prince and Tony/Alan Baldry

    By Tony Duligal (19/12/2013)
  • Hi Audrey, was Gordon Richards the ships plumber Jacks brother. Also is your Jack in the photo of chadwell club members under “TOPICS” OF TO THE RACES.

    By Charles Blake (19/12/2013)
  • To Audrey Richards, Try as I might I cant remember the 2 brothers -in-law you mentioned, can you pick them out in any of the 4 photos


    By Tony Duligal (19/12/2013)
  • Two of my  brothers in law are on these photos Jim Richards on the top one  and Len Richards on the third one

    By Audrey` Richards (17/12/2013)
  • Hi Tony, Great photo’s, top photo third row from top 2nd from right is my late brother Joe Richardson and bottom photo middle row 4th from right is me

    By George Richardson (17/12/2013)

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