St. Chads School 1962

Where are they now?

Back row

Peter Prince ? John Cowen (Corringham) Keith Luck (Perth WA) Peter (chalky) White (Stifford Clays) Neil Clark ? Fred Murray? Shirley Howland (Tilbury) Joyce White? Gillian Batcheldore?

Middle row

John Mitchell? Robert Baird? Peter Wilson (think deceased) Robert Beadle? John Netting? Chris Greygoose (Nottingham) Jeff Benton? Alan Hudson (think Tilbury) David Vetch (Chadwell)

Front row

Unknown person maybe Maths teachers son, Christine Kilburn? Pamela White? Brenice Masters? Jane Shaw (Norfolk) Evelyn Jex? Angela Wood? John Smith (Tilbury/Majorca) Margaret Peacock?

Can anybody fill in the blanks?


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  • Hi. Was having a look for my mother in law and found her on here. Brenice Masters now Keeble 😊

    By Kay Keeble (11/11/2018)
  • Top row 4th from Right is Fred Mulley. Bottom row 1st on Left is Dave Smith (Smithy).

    By Linda Mulley (12/05/2018)
  • Quality is a bit low. Do you have a better version?

    (Note from Administrator: If you click on the magnifying glass, there is a slight enlargement. Alternatively, by right clicking after clicking on the magnifying glass and choosing “save picture as”, you can download the image and magnify it on your own computer.)

    By John Mulley (11/05/2018)
  • Have just stumbled across this site, certainly brings back memories…I think a few names are misspelled, understandable after fifty-plus years! These names are I think John Cowan, Fred Mulley, Robin Netting, Jeff Benson and David Veitch.

    The boy at the bottom left is, I am fairly sure Daviid Smith.

    By RJ Netting (14/04/2017)
  • Re question on Robert Beadle I was married to his sister Pat until she died in 1989 and my sons still see him several times a year and I normally see him once a year when he visits my son in Baker Street and he was my team partner at the Cycle Speedway in Tilbury.

    By william(billy)gill (01/02/2014)
  • How do you know about Robert Beadle?

    Re: Pamela Vincent you may well be right, time has effected the memory.

         How can you be sure?

    By Keith Luck (30/01/2014)
  • Front row third from left is Pamela Vincent (not White)

    By Cliff Cowin (28/01/2014)
  • Robert Beadle in this picture lives in Dyserth North Wales

    By William (Billy) Gill (26/01/2014)

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