St. Chads school photo 1948

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St.Chads (Girls ) 1948

St.Chads school photo taken in 1948      ( Girls )

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  • Please also see, “St.Chads Girls School (1948), posted 18/05/2014.

    By John Baldry (09/06/2014)
  • Amendment to my previous info:

    Regarding 2nd row 12th in from Left is Joan Tindale

                  3rd row 14th                     Joyce King 

    I agree with the identification of Sheila Harris.

    I am in this photo but not shown in this copy if I remember rightly I was to the edge on right hand side I am/was Valerie Malin lived in Chadwell attentended St.Chads 1945 – 1950

    By Valerie Grant (26/03/2014)
  • There are a lot of faces I remember but only a few names.

    From left to right 2nd row down 6th Margaret ?.  8th ? Ross.  12th Joan (married name Tindale)cousin to Bernice Alderman

    3rd Row 7th Rose ?.  10th Avril Hearn.  11th Shirley Metson. 12th Phyllis Symonds. 14th Rose King. 

    4th row. 7th Doreen Stone. 10th Jean Goodman (my cousin)

    By Valerie Grant (23/03/2014)
  • On second thoughts maybe the young lady 4th in front row from left was Iris ( it was a long time ago!!!) I do believe the two I’ve mentioned are/were sisters and live Brennan Road area

    By Tony Duligal (08/03/2014)
  • Further to my correction earlier this morning Iris should read Eileen, remember I’m going back over 65 years so one or two names might a bit wrong Ah!Ah!


    By Tony Duligal (08/03/2014)
  • Could it be the person standing left hand side, 4th row down, 2 in, be Sheila Harris (married Maurice Stubbs about 1958) ??

    By Tony Duligal (08/03/2014)
  • Hello Jack, I believe that Iris Johnson is right hand side, 2nd row down, 5 th one in, if I’m correct she had ginger hair. Do you happen to have the rest of the photo which about 30 inches long X 6inch wide

    By Tony Duligal (07/03/2014)

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