Memories of teaching staff and pupils 1969 - 1975.

Hi, I went to Saint Mary’s in Tilbury from 1969 to 1975. I had truelly amazing teachers !!
There will always be a special place in my heart for sister Vianni. I hope I have the correct spelling. She was so kind…❣️.Along with Mrs Edmonds and sister Anunciarta. I also had great respect for our headmistress sister Bernadette. I would love to see any photos that are available of those years and teachers. Sandra Millar.

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  • I was a pupil at this school from the age of 4 to 8 years. I particularly remember Sister Bernadette ,always quietly spoken, who instructed us for first confession and first Holy Communion, and Sister Margaret Mary with great affection.
    I often think of my former classmates and wonder how and where they are now.

    By Gillian Roddy (07/03/2024)
  • Hello David, have been trying to find you for years since I returned from Australia. Yes you were in the class below me and used to live around the corner from me in Grays, we kept intouch until 1975. You went on Submarines, would love to meet up with you again. Yes I remember “Barrel” Mr Rodgers. Was he a real major. Yes I remember the lovely Americans Miss bengis and Berthlenen, they lived a few roads from me. Also Miss Walsh (American) who married Mr Kelly (Science). And of course the O’kane sisters all teachers too.

    By Peter von Staerck (25/04/2022)
  • I left St Marys in October 1968
    I unfortunately can only remember a few names of fellow pupils , such as Tony Sharp ,Delia White ,Steven Frost
    Staff wise the Head was Mr Bolger and my form master was mr Fitzgerald , maths was taught by Major Rodgers !!
    Two lovely American girls were exchange teachers miss Bengis and Bertlenen

    By david houghton (18/02/2021)

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