Tilbury Docks late 1940's

Canteen Staff

My Mum, Jean Green nee Wakeman,  worked in the Tilbury Docks Canteen and on the mobiles as a kitchen hand. She is second on the left in the photo which would be late 1940’s. I don’t recognise anyone else.

My Dad – Arthur Green – worked for Mowlem’s in the Dock as a plumber and that is where they met. He was repairing a sink in the canteen when she emptied a bucket of water down the sink while he was laying with head in cupboard with sink waste disconnected!

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  • Looks like my mum 6th from the right, her name is Doreen Daniels.

    By Janice Daniels (26/03/2022)
  • I am sure my aunt and cousin sailed from tilbury in the late forties. That is all I can remember they went finally to New Zealand

    By Brenda Kelly (07/11/2020)

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