1980 - Poets Corner Estate in Tilbury being demolished

With a priority on improving the housing stock owned by the council, older properties had to give way to new housing estates in Tilbury. This required the demolition of Poets Corner in the north part of the town.

Poets Corner Tilbury 1980
Credit for picture - Thurrock Council Website

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  • Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to Cliff Cowan for all the information on my dad’s family and telling me things I never knew. I got it incorrect my dad lived in Thackeray Avenue and not Kipling my mistake. X

    By Tracy Coleman (02/02/2024)
  • I came back to Tilbury to visit my mum over the Christmas period, I moved to the Isle Of Wight a few years ago. And what has happened to Tilbury?
    It is unrecognisable as the place I grew up in and lived for a large chunk of my adult life. Manor Way school is still standing, but my old secondary school St Chads has been demolished, to be replaced with houses. Flats have been built on every piece of available space! The Daisy field is just that now, a field, although no flats! Yet! It has made me so sad to see how Tilbury has changed and become.

    By Tracy Coleman (01/01/2023)
  • Hello Cliff
    I have just read your comment. My mum Still lives in Tilbury, unfortunately my dad Ron Coleman passed away several years ago. I will read your comment to mum as I know she will love to hear it. Thank you for your memories of my dad and uncle as they are both no longer with us.
    Tracy x

    By Tracy Coleman (31/12/2022)
  • My dads sister Margaret Lived in Thackeray avenue.. when I was a kid.. probably from late 60’s until they were knocked down. I spent a lot of time with my 4 cousins Debbie Steven Grayham and Tony … and all of the streets were pretty run down.. but I loved to be there…and are some of my most happiest memories. I love Tilbury..

    By Bridget Millane (29/08/2022)
  • Hi Tracy,
    The Colemans where my next door neighbours as I lived at number 22 through my school days up until I got married.

    I used to go around with Joey who was a bit older than me until he started work and got married. We used to tie string to the door knockers across the road from Thackeray Avenue to Tillet Place so that when someone opened their door it would set all the door knockers off.
    On rare occasions a car would break the string and set them off. This was a bonus because back then you didnt see many cars. We would be hiding somewhere watching all the neighbours coming out. Great fun.

    Ron was the eldest and he used to be keen on cricket. Ron and Joey would go to the Daisy Field to play. When I was very young they would sometimes let me tag along.
    I was useless at cricket and Ron would bowl very slow underarms to give me a chance to hit the ball. He still used to bowl me out first time.

    Brenda was the youngest. I saw her a few years back working in a shop in Grays. She said that both her and Ron were still living in Tilbury.

    By Cliff Cowin (14/05/2022)
  • My Dad Ron Coleman, and Grandparents Joe & Emily Coleman with my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Joey lived at number 21 Thackeray Avenue Tilbury. I remember visiting when I was a little girl of 5. I loved the area. I also went to Manor Way infants & Junior school then St Chads. Now live on the Isle Of Wight but still have fond memories of Tilbury.

    By Tracy Coleman (05/05/2022)
  • Hi Carol is your mum Rene and dad Paul Wilde my dad ray and mum delma were friends with them Mark richman

    By Mark Richman (05/10/2021)
  • Susan Malthouse, yes, you were at school with me, definitely during the St Chads years and possibly at Manorway. I don’t think our paths crossed as you were always in the higher sets and I was predominantly in the middle sets.

    By David Thompson (18/08/2021)
  • My names Carol Stopher (Wilde) and our family lived at no 12 Parker until we had to move due to demolition.
    We lived there from 1971-78.
    Happy times even though we never had anything, good memories.

    By Carol Stopher (12/05/2021)
  • thank you steve for sharing your memories Alan Prior is my brother in law (deceased now sadly)

    By Colleen Ann Prior (03/04/2021)
  • I lived at no 10 Parker avenue in the 60s to early 70s had a great childhood there often wonder what happened to the families that lived there or the kids I went to school with I was there when Tilbury was flooded families I remember we’re lees Morgan’s beeney Williams wares Cole’s ripp I often wonder what happened to them and my school mates from manifest and at chads good times Mark richman

    By Mark Richman (17/10/2020)
  • Derek Ross is now living in California and is an award winning writer and author! One of the very few to escape Tilbury!

    By Patricia Davis (12/07/2019)
  • I lived at No. 20 Thackeray Ave. We left in 1972/3 and moved to Grays. My dad Ralph was a dustman, in the days when they went into your garden, lifted up your bin on their shoulders, walked to the dustcart and emptied. Then they would put the bin back. Had many good memories there. Neighbours were The Coleman’s, The Strongs, The Tethers, The Heaths, The Sharkys, ….the list is endless. Lots of people in surrounding roads I remember too!

    By Sue Carter (31/03/2018)
  • Dave Thompson I too was born in 1960 so must have been at school with you haha

    By susan mccrory nee malthouse (10/02/2018)
  • I lived in Kipling Ave for years. I always used to play football on the green in Shaw Crescent with Dennis Sheriden, Stephen Pearson, Alan Prior, Paul Pearson, Colin Heath and Derek Ross, wonder where he is now????

    Great memories.

    By STEVE (30/01/2015)
  • I was born in the house my mum still lives in  48 years ago- 41 Dickens Ave – she is the second oldest resident in the street. The first being Doreen Smith at number 47. I also went to manor way as did my brothers Anderw and David.  I loved playing in the houses when they were being knock down! 


    By sarah-jane Budgen (10/07/2014)
  • My nan and grandad dad uncles and aunt lived here my dad loved it here always talks fondly of it his name is Dennis Sheridan 

    By Stacey (16/02/2014)
  • I lived at number 46 Kipling Ave,. . My mum and dad were Liz and Harry Jackson. We lived next door to a mr and mrs Livermore,next came a lady called Nell Grant and then a man called Reg with his sister Pam. . . Our house was on the end and the opening to the back field was at the side of us. In the summer, we would play all sorts of games on the field and children from Parker, Fielding and Shaw Crescent would all come to join in. . We lived there from around 1966-1978. Brilliant memories.

    By larraine jackson (28/01/2014)
  • i lived in kipling `the wrights family opposite jimmy lee, it was a good road and many friend but all that has gone now !

    By don wright (26/01/2014)
  • I was born in 1960 and live in Kipling Ave from 64-68 by my reckoning, so must have been at school with Linda Tucker!

    By Dave Thompson (19/01/2014)
  • I moved into 12 Dickens Avenue after the floods in 53 and went to Manor way,When my mum died in the same year I moved in with my Aunt Flo in Tennyson Ave. My Dad remarried and I moved back in 55 and then up to West Ham in 58. I remember Dawn Grant we you to sit next to each other in class at Manor Way. I also remember the horse because it lived at 12 and was there in the window when I showed my wife to be where I used to live she was unimpressed as you can imagine.

    By John Lewis (06/01/2014)
  • I lived in Burns Place from about 1952 until I married in 1968. I actually lived  across the road from my future husbands grandparents, May & Laurie Tindale. I remember the “Red Hut” very well, as I do you Jannette and Mary Downward, Carol Benson, Dawn Grant, Lynn Allen, Sally Pritchard, also Barbara ? can’t remember her last name but I think she lived next door to Carol Benson. I remember the film and the rock and roll nights and also the little tuck shop. They were good days..

    By Kathryn Opie nee Hollands (07/12/2013)
  • I have lived in parker ave for just over a year now. seem like a nice place but have found out it had a past of old buildings. its good to see this photo i would love to see so many more. i know the area had a bad rep as does most of Tilbury but i live there and have found most people ok. its a shame the old places went. where did all the people go. When i dig in the garden i find old bit of rubble from what i now know to be the old houses on this site.

    By Russell (06/12/2013)
  • I lived on the corner of Parker Ave and Kipling Ave.  We had wonderful times there growing up.  My dad Stan Gibbons ran the “Red Hut” youthclub along with Jimmy Grant and Charlie Smith, all voluntary.  The Red Hut was and old red corrugated church (All Saints) in the field behind Kipling.  Dad used to get old films like “King Kong” and new records with the subs money.  Lots of rock n roll nights and all were welcome.  It kept many kids off the streets where they would be looked after.  He also ran bingo for the mum’s in the afternoon. 

    Jannette Ryder nee Gibbons.

    By Jannette Ryder (27/11/2013)
  • I really miss Kipling Avenue some good memories, I lived at number 22 my parents was William (Bill) Pearson and my mums name was Elsie French (maiden name). I can remember going out and leaving the front door open and everyone looked out for each other. ‘Another proper Tilb’ I was born at that address in 1960 I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters

    By Linda Tucker (31/10/2013)
  • I was actually born in Parker Avenue at no 14, still have very fond memories of growing up where you could safely play out the front or go to you neighbours houses and feel part of the family. I often drive down that road and try to remember exactly where my house was, I have 3 children of my own and always remind them that I am “a proper Tilb” as they say xxxxx

    By Sharon Cartwright (28/10/2013)
  • I recall this scene very well, I lived in Dickens avenue all of my childhood so know Poets corner very well. I could see the demolition from my back garden of Thackeray Avenue and Burns Place – at that time there were still a lot of “rag & bone men”in Tilbury (i went ringing the bell with a couple of them)! and they had a field day with the copper and lead from the old houses i remember riding my trail bike over the rubble and debris and have vivid memories of walking down Kipling Avenue, up Parker Avenue and down Fielding Avenue past all of the empty houses – eerie and a bit sad having known many of the former residents – at the rear of Thackeray avenue I helped build a dirt track with old tyres for use by the local kids to race their bikes around, it was very popular until the council authorities came around and cleared it all away !

    By Steve Kimmings (22/10/2013)
  • I remember my last year at manor school 1980/81 doing my cycle proficiency test around those roads as the big ball on chain was knocking those houses down,no mention that I can see on this site about the big fire at manorway school in the late 70s,also I remember the houses on the left that lead to manor a family had a horse and they used to bring it out the front door was funny,also the little sweet van that used to stop outside the school

    By jean cannon nee waterson (07/09/2013)
  • I lived at 29 Thackeray Ave up until 1964, my friend George Webb lived across the road. I loved it there but when I got married my wife said it was a dump and called it fridge city (don’t know why)

    By Ted Fairman (24/07/2013)

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