East Tilbury - Sketches of St Catherine's

This drawing of St Catherine's was published in Panorama in 1970, so the sketch is dated 1875. No details were published about the origin of the sketch.
St Catherine's sketched in 1931

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  • Hello,

    These are some wonderful drawings of St. Catherine’s church. One query I have is regarding the top drawing is that everything I have read thus far regarding this church is that the tower and the south aisle were gone by the 17th century (disregarding the Dutch theory completely). It looks as though this is the original tower in this drawing and also that the south arcade is visible with windows as it stands now (i.e. filled).
    So my questions is thus: are all the theories regarding the tower being gone by the 17th century incorrect?, is the above drawing an accurate depiction of the church or an idealised version depicting what the tower may have looked like from a later period of time? and how certain are we that this drawing dates to 1875 and not 1675?

    My thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

    Kind regards

    Ben Potter

    By Ben Potter (28/11/2023)

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