The Opening of St. Johns Church, 1904.
from John Smith
The New St. Johns Church
from John Smith
St. Johns Church, From The Railway. (East).
from John Smith
Removal of the high roof.
from John Smith
St. Johns. With Lowered Roof.
from John Smith
The Vicarage, Church and Hall.
from John Smith
St. Johns Church Hall under Demolition.1965-66.
from John Smith
St. Johns Church, 1970s.
from John Smith
The Present Day Church Hall.
from John Smith
The Present Day Look of the Church.
from John Smith

St John’s was built in 1902. The foundation stone was laid on the 29 July 1902; the church was consecrated on the 1st July 1903, and was opened in 1904.

The high roof at the time was later removed as it was causing the church to subside, and was too heavy for the building. (as seen in the photo).

The church roof was lowered and modified on a couple of occasions up to the present day. The vicarage was built later in the 1920s which still stands today and is still used by the vicar we have today, father Tim Codling.

A first church hall was added to the church grounds but later in the 1960s a brick one was built.

Wellington Road seen in the photos which is there today was once the old Quebec Road, which ran through to the one we have today.


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  • My Great Aunt was Baptised on the 24th of March 1899 at the Tilbury Docks, St John the Baptist Church, Essex England. Could this be the same location. Name Deborah Annie Elizabeth Maud Smith. Father, Edward James Smith, Mother, Jane Elizabeth Smith. If there is record, I would love to see a copy. Regards Esther.

    By Esther (06/12/2022)
  • I have heard directly that the stained glass window was indeed produced, as I thought, with design, construction and financial contributions from the congregation.

    The little Sundays school church, at the end of Kipling Avenue, was ‘All Saints’ (AKA ‘old tin hut’). It was where Pepys Close is now, having been demolished in the 1970’s. I wonder what happened to the organ, that we pupils enjoyed having the job of pumping, during hymn singing, some 30 years before the church’s demolition!!    

    By John Baldry (12/04/2015)
  • The lower roof is how I remember St. Johns, from the 1940s/50s. From the 1970s photos the roof is raised again? Was it when this modification was made that a new stain-glass window was installed, that had been designed and made by Church officials? 

    I also remember that St. Johns had an ‘off-shoot’ Church at the end of Kipling Ave. Does any reader remember it’s name or have any history of it?

    By John Baldry (10/02/2014)

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