G. Seaman's shop

Confectioner and Tobaconist

The outside of the shop
David Seaman
Inside the shop
David Seaman
Waiting for their ice cream!

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  • The bottom picture shows my Aunt Win. At the back the two other girls are I believe the Orman sisters. Jim Orman is now landlord of the Whitmore Arms.

    By David Seaman (28/03/2013)
  • Interesting page; good picture.

    By Andrew Burt (26/04/2012)
  • Not sure if the shop is still there.

    By dan ryan (26/04/2012)
  • My Grandfather George Seaman purchased the shop in 1920.He originated from Southampton where he was employed as a crane driver in the docks. The shop stood on the corner of Montreal Road and Calcutta Road where the traffic lights are now, the houses in those days came right up to the road. I am told by older Tibury residents that it was always known as “Seamans” corner and would be a meeting place for people looking to meet friends.I believe the shop also served as a Post Office, my Grandfather also made his own ice-cream which proved popular! He was also involved with Tibury FC serving as Chairman,he was also involved with the then Tilbury Council.Following the outbreak of the 2nd WW he decided to sell the shop and moved to Chadwell.

    By David Seaman (15/04/2012)

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