Tilbury Post Office

On the corner of Dock Road and Montreal Road

An early post card of the Post Office

To the far left you can see the Church with the old roof on.

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  • I’m new in Tilbury, I moved here in 1991. So all of this is very interesting. Thank you all.

    Has there been some re-routing and re-naming of the roads there? Perhaps when so much was re-built?

    Did Newton Road exist by that name when that Post Office was there? I wonder if that Post Office was at the corner of Manor Road and Dock Road? I ask because by 1923 the Ordnance Suvery map shows Manor road meeting Dock Road, about where the pedestrianised mainly grass part of Newton Road meets Dock Road now. From that road junction, standing on the railway side of Dock Road I can see the St Johns building.

    The 1923 map shows a building on that corner of Manor Road and Dock Road, and the map shows Manor Road continuing beyond Dock Road down to the railway line. So that would fit with the road by the lamp post on the left of the photograph?

    At the junction of Montreal Road and Dock Road that map doesn’t show any building or anything to explain the road on the left by the lamp post.

    The entrance to the Hairpin Bridge was opposite the St Johns building, where the entrance to the pedestrian hairpin bridge is now?

    By Stephen Roberts (22/05/2015)
  • If the photo was take on the corner of Newton Road you would not see the church far left. The flats were not built untill later. The lamp post and the road on the left is on the corner of the hairpin bridge. The only road on that side of the road.

    By Jack Doodes (09/11/2012)
  • According to a book I have the post office was at 1 Dock Road (not sure if that helps with the location) and it was run by H A Suggett. My great grandfather was a postman based there in the early 1900’s.

    By Rob Ginns (08/11/2012)
  • I would suggest that the building is actually on the corner of Dock Road and Newton Road. I believe the shop at the extreme left of the block was used by a spiritualist group in the 1930’s. If my memory serves me correctly,the kids from Montreal Road and Lister & Kelvin Road knew the derelict buildings as the ‘haunted house’ in the 1930-40’s. If it was the corner of Montreal Road you would see evidence of the flats and Briggs’ shop immediately behind. (Briggs’ shop was opposite to Mott the Builder who had an additional yard at the corner of the hairpin bridge, opposite St. Johns church).

    By harry o'neill (14/08/2012)

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