Waterman's Universal store

My Grandmother Jane Blake [Wheeler] on the left, outside J.Waterman’s store on the corner of Montreal rd. About 1906.

I was led to believe it was opposite the Diamond Jubilee off licence !

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  • Hi Charles,

    Do you know who your grandmothers parents were on the Wheeler side?
    My 3x Gt grandmother was Louisa Wheeler born in Thurrock, in 1824

    By Louis Bloss (06/12/2018)
  • The lady next to Jim Waterman is his wife Rosa, she was childless and while visiting relatives in Plaistow, met a woman with a crying two year old boy.   he cries too much she said I am taking him back to the orphanage to change him.  Do not do that said Rosa I will take him.   He became little Jim Waterman, married Jessie Ravine and became my Dad.    Although we lived in Ottawa Rd, most of the time was spent in the shop,while dad drove one of the Horse and Carts supermarkets all around Tilbury and Chadwell area.  !936 the depression hit the docks, so in 1936 we  went to Gravesend  

    By Ray Waterman (26/02/2017)
  • My grandmother in the picture, Jane Blake, lived at 47 Sydney road.

    Charles Blake

    By Charles Blake (04/02/2015)
  • It was indeed opposite the ‘Diamond Jubilee’ off licence at the junction of Sidney Road and Montreal Road and on the other corner was Carrie Outen’s fish & chip shop.   in 1936 we lived in the upper flat next door in Sidney Road and a family named Smith lived downstairs.

    A particular feature I recall of Waterman’s shop was that everything on display was behind a net screen with a very small open counter area where they took your money.  Probably a gZN5ood idea in those pverty struck days!


    By Harry O'Neill (03/02/2015)

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