Tilbury Riverside Booking Hall

How can it be used as a heritage centre?

The Port of Tilbury is working with KDC London to turn the derelict Tilbury Riverside railway terminal into a new heritage and community centre.

We were on-site at the recent Port Open Day (1st April) conducting research, and we had a tremendous response from attendees: 209 questionnaires completed and some very positive feedback about the project.

The Open Day survey asked people about their previous visits to Tilbury Riverside and what they would like to see at a new heritage centre. There was a lot of enthusiasm for offering views over the river and interpreting the story of migration – Empire Windrush, £10 Poms, etc.

The next stage for public consultation is a wider-ranging online survey, which will address some of the limitations of the initial Open Day survey. The most important area we need to address is demographic: more than 60% of respondents to our survey at the Open Day were over 55 years of age and almost all were regular ‘users’ of local heritage. While this feedback was vitally important for demonstrating the enthusiasm for local history to potential funders, we also need to represent the views of the wider community. We’re looking to extend the survey to community and youth groups particularly.

To complete the on-line survey, follow this link.

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  • Unfortunately this bid was rejected by HLF at the end of 2012. The Port is currently considering other alternative uses for this historic building.

    By Lynda Viccars (06/08/2013)
  • Naturally to the older community the Riverside Station brings back many memories of day excursions by train boat and bus. Sadly today it stands neglected and its heyday being lost.I believe that all the river front its buildings and common lands be brought back to use for the community so that future generations can enjoy our heritage of today. Build civic pride for us all because we must remember this area is a gateway to our great country.

    By Peter Hewitt MBE (14/05/2012)

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