Tilbury fire brigade 1920's

Balance sheet for cold lunch spread to celebrate arrival of new fire engine on March 6th 1920 held at Catholic School and list of subscribers towards refreshments at Tilbury Fire Brigade display in March 1920 , from Grays Library collection.

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  • As it turns out, I was researching this specific fire station and unearthed the exact model of fire engine that the station first acquired along with the vehicle’s specifications. It feels rude to go to all the trouble to research semi-lost information from a community and not return this pocket of history back to its inheritors as thanks. The model of the fire engine is: 1917 Leyland DEU4 Fire Engine.

    Its top speed was 60 mph, translated to information useful across the pond, that’s a top speed of 96.5kph

    While it’s the capabilities of its 250 gallons of water per minute was very impressive for the time.

    Though do take care to take this information with a grain of salt as my sources are both not firsthand and more than 100 years old. That said I hope the information is helpful.

    By Rafael (11/03/2024)
  • My great-grandfather, Frederick Payton, of F Payton’s Bakers and Confectioners (132 Dock Road) can be seen on the ‘balance sheet’ providing ‘bread, biscuits & minerals’ for £1. 4s. 9d.; in the second image, you can see the signature of ‘F. Payton’ under ‘subscriptions’ towards a display for visiting fire brigades and the figure of ’10s.6d.’ Sounds like a good bit of business for him!

    What is, I believe, my great-great-grandfather’s signature ‘Mr Hill’ can be found under ‘subscriptions’ on the third image; he donated ‘2s.6d.’

    Mr Hill (Walter, I believe), was, obviously, Frederick Payton’s father-in-law. He was a dock policeman, I believe.

    Fred. Payton is buried at Chadwell St. Mary.

    My mum, one of my uncles, cousins and other ancestors were born at Tilbury. My mum was born in Malta Road, she thinks at ‘Malta House’ corresponding with ‘nos. 12 or 14’ next to the telephone exchange, which ‘wasn’t there at the time’, so she says. The houses have since been knocked down and rebuilt.

    Great-grandad’s bakery at 132 Dock Road is now Tilbury Taxis. The covered area to the right, between what is now the taxi firm and an NHS pharmacy on the corner, led to the horses yard and the back of the bakery/shop. The distinctive mansard roof of the pharmacy used to belong to the ‘Commercial Hotel’.

    By JG (09/03/2023)

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