Kipling Avenue under water

I found some more old photos whilst sorting out.

This image is taken from our house 83 Kipling Avenue. I am not sure if it was 1953 as the back of the photo says 1st February.


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  • I used to live opposite Kipling Avenue at 22 Thackeray Avenue. I would have been six years old.
    I remember my dad carrying me on his shoulders until we got past Jim’s Café, then we made our way up Chadwell Hill to safety.
    My parents had a friend called John Harrup. He was an army sergeant and had married quarters at the Orsett Army Camp. We stayed with his family until we could return home. I remember eating in the camp canteen, it was the first and last time I had Pea Soup. I thought it was PEE Soup (I was only six).
    Re picture – good job they had the gate closed……….it could have flooded the house!

    By Cliff Cowin (18/06/2020)

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