Queen Elizabeth II visiting Tilbury

Floods 1953

Queen Elizabeth walking the plank

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  • I agree with Mr Brown that the gentleman with the Queen was Mr Albert Jones who lived in Southey Walk Tilbury. He was the father of my then best friend Janet Jones. There was a photo taken in Feenan Highway and I was right next to the Queen on my fathers shoulders wearing a knitted pixie hat. If anyone still has a copy of that photo that did also appear in the Grays & Tilbury Gazette, I would dearly love a copy. I would alos love to find Janet again. My email address is below. Thank you

    By Maureen Truss ( formerly Hennessy) (15/09/2022)
  • We moved to The Diamond Jubilee in Sydney/Montreal Road the day before the floods. What a shock for my poor Mum, having to open the shop on that day. I was nearly 6 and had two older brothers of 8 and 10. I ran over to Spencer Walk when the Queen came but didn’t really know who she was – just someone famous. I am sure she went into the Henry’s house for a cup of tea. They had twin daughters known to us as The Twinny Henry’s. Happy days.

    By Margaret Crockett (19/07/2022)
  • I attended Torells Secondary School and on the day of Queen Elizabeth 2nd visit to Tilbury . A party of pupils were escorted to Chadwell where we stood looking at the floods covering the marsh between Tilbury and Chadwell St Mary . the water reached to the bottom of Chadwell Hill and westward to outskirts of East Gays . Whilst we were standing there the royal party drove past us

    By John Mundy (21/04/2020)
  • I do not know the date this article appeared but on that devastating occasion it was Palmers Girls College that was opened up on the Sunday morning as a flood refugee centre not the Boys. I was manning a telephone there as a St John Ambulance Cadet until Wednesday when most had been accommodated elsewhere or were able to return to their homes

    By Albert Wm Gosnall (02/10/2015)
  • back ground faces boy on left with scarf Milky George ,middle Jack Coote then Iris Smith also Joyce Cloak


    By marji malt (04/08/2014)
  • I believe the gentleman accompanying Her Majesty is Councilor Albert Jones who lived at Wren Walk in Tilbury.

    By Mr L.J.Brown (24/10/2013)

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