The 1953 Flood

Gainsborough Avenue and the Daisy Field

Gainsborough Avenue
Paul Johnson
Daisy Field and the old pavilion
Paul Johnson

These photos were taken during the flood of 1953 (obviously!) when I was nearly 3 years old. The first was taken (I think) from the St Chad’s Road end of Gainsborough Avenue (where we lived) and the second looks as though it was taken from an upstairs room in our house looking over the Daisy Field and the old pavilion. My only memories of the flood are 1) my father walking downstairs and being surprised to meet water part-way up, 2) living in our upstairs bedroom for some time in between staying with relatives in Grays and 3) a van arriving with carpets provided to locals by the people of Canada. Oddly enough, when my mother (Grace Johnson nee Webb) died in the early 1990s, this carpet was still being used in a box room!

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  • Hello, my name is Linnette (surname Taylor) and we lived in Gainsborough Avanue in 1949. We were an RAF family being rehoused (eventually to Westcliff on Sea). I can remember running along with the travellers selling their wares. We would go round the corner with them and then run back home. Happy days. can’t remember the ladies name whose house we stayed at.

    By irene berridge (06/03/2023)
  • My mum grew up in Sullivan Road, at number 13. She was Joan Wingham, born in 1923.

    By Rita Clarke (14/03/2018)
  • I’ve only just found this site.  My maiden name was Cooper and we lived at No 4 Gainsborough.  I remember having tea at the Johnson’s and being told off by Mrs Johnson for unrolling a swiss roll to eat it!! 

    Eileen Oldham  (16.12.16)



    By Eileen Oldham (16/12/2016)
  • These photos bring back lots of memories,we lived at 26 Gainsborough,and remember Paul and Elizabeth very well,your mum was a very lovely lady,and if i am right your dad use to play cricket on the daisy field.Our surname was Shayshutt.Thank you for the memory.Sadly we havent any photos of this time,we did have but got lost over time.

    By Margaret Harrop (03/11/2014)
  • Hi Paul My nieces name was Joan Stoddart She has a Son and a daughter and now lives in Benfleet. Her name now is Wells unfortunately she lost her husband in 2009 I told her about your message on F/B She also said she remembers your mum as being a really lovely lady Best wishes to you all 

    By Terry Clark (15/03/2014)
  • Terry – correct, we lived at 12 Gainsborough Ave until Jan 1966 when my father changed jobs and we moved near to Epsom. My sister Elizabeth did have a friend Joan in Sullivan Road but did she share your surname as I can’t quite remember? It all seems a long time ago now – I’m living in Solihull with wife and two daughters and Elizabeth is living in Ipswich although both her sons have now left home. I keep promising my family a trip to Tilbury just to give them a sense of family history. Thanks for your post and best wishes to you all.

    By PaulJohnson (04/03/2014)
  • Paul you must have lived at number 12 Iived in Sullivan Road which was opposite your front gate My niece Joan was good friends with your sister Elizabeth she spent many an hour at your house I knew your mother and your father too I was a member of Tilbury Community Tennis Club until 1966 when it folded I spent a lot of time on the Daisy Field having lived in Sullivan Road from 1940 Until 1964 when I got married 

    By Terry clark (26/01/2014)
  • What great photos, thanks for sharing them with the website!

    By Annie O'Brien (16/12/2013)

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