Tilbury Floods 1953

A view of Toronto Road under water

Toronto Road

This is a view of the floods in 1953 up Toronto Road.

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  • I remember it well we lived at number one Sydney my family had the shop and dairy on the corner of Sydney road ,, I had to go to Clapham for six weeks to my Nans,great memories in that road ,, Elaine Holmes nee Templeman 

    By Elaine Holmes (05/10/2017)
  • I have similar memories.  My mum, dad, brother Dennis and sister Joan lived at number 3 Toronto Road.  We were evacuated early in the morning and taken to my aunt Annie who lived in Little Thurrock.  We then spent a long time with my Nan who lived in Linford.  I was 13 years old and used to help my uncle Ron who had a butchers shop at linford.  I remember going with him on his delivery round and have never been so cold.

    Stan Staines

    May 3rd 2014

    By Stan Staines (03/05/2014)
  • I was evacuted from 117 Toronto, during the floods.I can remember being carried down the hall, on a mans shoulders, being put into a small boat with my mother, then being rowed to the botttom of Chadwell Hill and put into to an army lorry then taken to Palmers college , where we were later reunited with my father who was left behind trying to salvage items. He did manage to bring a joint of lamb , as my mum always cooked the roast on the previous evening also a welsh loaf. Memories of us sitting on a coconut mat in the college gym, sharing our lamb and bread, with others is a lasting memory. Ending on a happier note, we were taken by a lovely family on the Woodside estate. We lost everything, they were such a kind and generous family and we stayed freinds for many years

    By JACKIE CLARK (03/01/2013)

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