MAHSEER in Tilbury

Jack Willis

A regular visitor in Tilbury. The blue and white bands on the black funnel show she belonged to  T&J Brocklebank. Built in 1948. She was 8,495 grt.     Built in 1948 she was scraped in Karachi in 1975.

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  • Ah, Brocklebanks. Worked on all their ships that visited London 1965 until their demise in the `80s securing cargo. First in the Albert Dock when a rigger for T F Maltby then at Coubro Scruttons when Brocklebanks transferred to Tilbury.
    Captain Ackerly the shore superintendent, nice fella. Workmate riggers the Bouchereau brothers who worked in Tilbury Dock for many years. Good old days.

    By John Grainger (08/03/2021)

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